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  2. So, it seems that streaming works for some and not for others. There are some things that I would like to try, that involve changing how the server gets data from OBS For now I will leave the service running so those who it does work for can use it. I'll work on a new screen in 1-B with some changes and we'll see what happens Thanks for testing everyone ^^
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  4. Yea! Been playing it since its beta testing. We should start playing something together! :3
  5. I run mobile games on my computer. I'm playing Honkai impact 3rd. Are you playing wows?
  6. With some difficulty, I managed to get around the small issues I found. Games go fine, doing 77 fps which is quite ok. On screen though it's slower, but hey, it's nice to see that it works :3
  7. Like, it sends an IM for forum notifications? Is that even possible?
  8. What game did you try? Gaming and sl together may be a bit too much. I'll try it too later then :3
  9. I've tried,I play games live,It works, but it's not smooth, I don't know why.
  10. Hello everyone! I am pleased to announce that new Live-Streaming functionality is now in Open Beta. Everyone is welcome to come test the functionality. With our screen you can:- Share what you're up to with others Host lessons with videos Have movie nights! How to stream to the screen (3 minutes) Setup OBS Studio Download and install OBS Studio Download and extract our Stream Profile on your computer In OBS Studio, Import the Kokoro Academy - Classroom 1-A profile by going to Profile > Import in the top menu and choosing the extracted folder. Start the server Go to Classroom 1-A in-world (First floor, left of main entrance) Pull down the screen, and select 'Stream' Wait for the screen to indicate the server has started. Stream using the imported profile In OBS Studio, select the Streaming Profile you imported (Profile -> Kokoro Academy - Class 1-A) Ensure that you see an image and not a black square in OBS. You may need to set up a Display Source or use the 32bit version if no image. Click Start Streaming. You will see a green light when you are live. That's it! Enjoy streaming to the screen! This feature is still being tested. Let me know your experiences with it!
  11. rosa.millvale


    Hey Fujisaki-san! Nice to see you here 🙂
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    Hi Fujisaki san
  14. k1234567890y


    hello all, I have been around for some time...The attachment is my Second Life avatar in the Kokoro Academy's uniform Hope this community will never get contaminated by toxic people and their behaviour...
  15. 【東方爆音ジャズ】MMD版フラワリングナイト 〜紅霧夜華2014【東京アクティブNEETs&ドライブP】 Don't know how to embed video........A great orchestra ^_^
  16. Hello Alex~ It was nice meeting you before the other day, hope to see you again soon!
  17. Welcome to the forum, Bunni!
  18. "  Aye Aye, Captain!  "


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    Heyo Rusty! See you around Kokoro! ✨
  20. Its another Sunny Day at Kokoro ♡~

    heartclose2sl size.png

  21. Occult Club Do you wish to seek out the dark forces and join their hellish crusade? Well, now you can. What is the 'Occult Club'? The Occult Club offers a space for people interested in all things spooky to come together and discuss supernatural phenomena, true crime, mysteries, witchcraft, etc. We hold events weekly with different topics (i.e. camping, movie nights, spooky funfairs, etc.). Is this club for me? Our club is open to everyone! However, it's encouraged you have an interest in true crime, witchcraft, spooky stories, morbid things, and/or gothic culture. We are a group full of nice, social people, with a strict no-discrimination policy-so you're guaranteed to have a fun time! Note: There are different branches of witchcraft to appeal to everyone! (i.e. the green witch (gardening), the kitchen witch (cooking), the forest witch (animals) and etc.) Member List Becky (beckay123x) Club Organizer Retsuko (boxneko) BlackCat (koraneko) Haida (tabacka.kamaboko) Novaline Lovelace (magnalinahinomira) Jinx (royallyjinxed) Taruna (taruto.aeon) Alex (alexia.whitefalcon) Meet-Up Times We hold meet-ups every Sunday at 10 AM SLT. What's that in my Local Time? Note: If this is ever subject to change, I will be in contact through the forums or in IM!
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