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  2. shrev

    Happy 2020!

    Kokoro Academy is the best anime school roleplay sim I've seen so far, so I had to join. I'm currently creating my anime self. ✌️
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  5. rosa.millvale


    Welcome to Kokoro!
  6. h2ohhh


    I'm Mizu, I am friendly though not talkative and generally stay away from crowds. I enjoyed wandering around and was amazed at the detail I saw.
  7. My new years resolution is to change my bed more even more often and take lots of showers so I can have fresh clean snuggles! And try to get back in to swimming now that I have people to go with! 2019 was fuckin wild but it's filled 2020 with possibilities, so I'm excited to see where life takes me during it!
  8. As 2019 comes to an end, I just wanted to wish everybody a happy new year! 🎈 What are you looking forward to the most in 2020? New years resolutions?
  9. hello welcome usually there are not many people so...
  10. exxpiosion

    uhhh.... Hi

    How's it going? feeling a little lost right now.
  11. rey2502


    Hi Lillie,welcome to Kokoro (。・ω・)ノ゙
  12. trixiewish


    Hello Lillie! Welcome to Kokoro and I hope you have a nice stay and make many friends!
  13. lilliealice


    *shyly waves to the peoples of the internet* "H-Hello... M-My name is (real name hidden for privacy) B-But you can call me Lillie" "If you would like to ask me questions about my hobbies, what I do on SL, or what types of RPs I do. Feel free to drop a reply here."
  14. What an easy wish...... Wait! What did you just say??!!
  15. I want rey and rosa's pigu oh wait I already got that I want to the canteen to be done for christmas
  16. my name taiga hello i love kokoro! my favorite place to be in kokoro is the club room and the seating area next to the library I hope to run a club where i can meet new friends and play games with them in kokoro! My timezone is +9gmt so you will probably not often see me! thank you!
  17. I don't have a holiday for christmas. just work as usual : 3 looking forward to the New Year holiday. hope it won't rain.............My city has a warm winter, now it looks more like spring,but it should be a good day to go to the Forest Park,this is my holiday plan : 3
  18. What's currently on everyone's wishlist? anything new or exciting? I'm currently going through the process of making my home a smart home! Hopefully it wont turn evil like that movie hahaha Dont celebrate christmas? Let us know what you're getting up to!
  19. According to Spotify, this is the song I've listened the most during this decade. It's strange, because I don't think it's their best song, which could be something more like this or this or that. The latter mainly for the energic solo at the end.
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