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    All such a mix of stuff! Thats cool. The music room hangout will be pretty eclectic sounding place XD Thanks for the answers guys! Probably going to broaden my music horizons
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    It depends a loot of how I am feeling, normaly ni listens to calm music like low roar wen working, sometimes some studio killers and other bands like it but from time to time ni just listens to meme remixes for the laughs xD
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    For me I mostly lean towards grunge, indie/alternative rock, garage etc BUT THEN There's also KPOP. And Backstreet boys. But then also sometimes new basic bitch music. tbh I'm easy to please when it comes to music cuz most everything with a beat to me fucking slaps.
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    It's a Jinx! Socks ๐Ÿ˜†
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    Hey everyone! I wanna know what type of music you all are into. I usually stick to my stuff but I wanna know what everyone's taste is. Might come in handy when the music room is up and running. For myself its typically stuff from the 70s and 80s that I adore. The usual classics you'd think of associated to that time. So let me know! I also have a lil portable music player, so maybe we can a jam to some tooons in the music room sometime ๐Ÿ˜„ Thanks for reading!
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    Hai everyone! My name IGN here is Sana Keiko but I've gone by Mia since forever now. In second life, I'm a cuddly soft pink bunny girl that's generally just hanging out with friends and being unproductive. I don't honestly like talking about first life much given SL is definitely some escapism from that for me, but here's some random things about me. I enjoy roleplay which is partially what brings me here; adult oriented or not honestly. Themes are fun and school setting is nice! I only like nice people and I treat everyone kindly until given reason not to. I'm a huge introvert and holding conversation especially out of the blue is hard sometimes, especially if I don't know you. You should just headpat me please. I enjoy art, animu, food, sleeping, gaming. Someday I'd like to get into more creative things here in SL too if I can make time for. My tastes in music vary from alternative rock and metal to jpop/kpop, and most electronic music in general from nightcore to ebm/industrial. I don't own any pets, but have a cute animu kitty anyway!
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    My music tastes are pretty weeby Ni-ni makes fun of me for it, but I love Nanahira for her energy! I do like some jazzy stuff: I do like some older music, I'm a fan of Tatsuro Yamashita
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    Re-watching AHS (hotel), for the 100th time. Twi & I watched Little Witch Academia, twas very very good! Ahh we sometimes watch One Punch Man too. ๐Ÿ˜‹
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    The last shows i remember watching were the second temp of one punch man and dororo, ni saw a bit of baki too for some reason xD
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    Now you must acquire a taste for freeform jazz. I'm really into low-fi hip hop and Japanese City/80s pop at the moment, but I like bits and pieces of other genres. (I do love jazz, too!)
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    Oh lawd Jinx Kลchi senpai, you made a very aesthetically pleasing arrival. What's your favourite books? ๐Ÿ˜„ Ps: Here's some chonky fatto catto pics.
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    Very trains.... ( `wยด) is some kind of spidur?
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    What's changing? The URL https://kokoro.academy will soon lead to our new forum instead of the School's Tumblr Blog. What will happen to the old Tumblr? When the transition is complete, our Tumblr will be accessible via a new URL which will be posted here once the transition is complete. We'll no longer be posting to the Tumblr, and instead be posting to our forum which opens up the possibility to engage and discuss news and development at Kokoro.
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    The old Tumblr can be accessed at http://kokoro-academy.tumblr.com It is for archival purposes only and is not being maintained.
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