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    If you're interested in teaching at Kokoro (real skills or roleplay), we'd like to know! Please register your interest by replying below, tell us about what you'd like to teach and how you'd like to teach it, if there are any special requirements (even things that Kokoro doesn't yet have), and any other information you think would be useful πŸ‘
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    Welcome to Kokoro! Nice to see more RPers around.
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    I doubt it would be disallowed given how popular said thing is within anime community overall.
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    Welcome to Kokoro! πŸ™‚ Not much rp going on atm.
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    Awesome I can't wait then! πŸ˜„
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    This location makes me very happy. I like to watch the process of rp. In the past, I watched school anime rp in a different location. There were too many strict rules because of which people stopped playing. On the strictness of the rules of the location: I was sitting with a friend on the playground when no one was engaged in RP game. A moderator approached me and began to insult me, when I said that he behaves inappropriately, they began to threaten me with a ban. Those insults were not claims against rp. In other words, the moderator just wanted to recoup on someone. I found this academy randomly. And to be honest - Kokoro is one of the best places among school RPs. The location is well designed, the sky settings are some of the best. Very atmospheric and painstaking work. I do not speak English very well, so at times I use a translator. I hope that the translation is provided correctly. I like compiling profiles for a specific character, so there is hope to penetrate into the atmosphere of the RP. I don’t know how exactly it will be in time (since sometimes I work part-time in the real world). If I understand correctly, then my time zone today is GMT+3 (Ukraine).
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    If you ever need help with English Ni, don't hesitate to ask! I'll try. I know Ni loves under the stairs. That's where I met her πŸ˜› That's as good as a reason as any to love a fountain.. It is super pretty already. I love those too! Any room in Kokoro could be a sim itself. I can't wait for the town to be done.
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    I've been writing a bit lately, so I'm really looking forward to the classes and just RP'ing in general! I also can't wait to see the sim finished- Kokoro is already so pretty; it'll probably look amazing when it's all done. My favourite place is the fountain because I can pretend to be a fish in it.
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    Ni loves to hide under the library stairs xD, as for what i am looking forward to... well improving my english would be great, ni wants to meet new people, make friends and hopefully learn / teach new skills in general.
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