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  1. Here's today's progress on the male gakuran, marked some seams and gave some areas more definition
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  2. In two weeks time on Sunday the 5th of September at 2PM SLT we will be doing our first ever official student yearbook photo. The event will be a once in (Kokoro's) lifetime opportunity to meet and learn about so many of your fellow class-mates, connect with the new, re-connect with the old and make a memory to take home. We want this day to include everybody old and new and indeed I have reached out personally to many of you yesterday who were around in Kokoro's early days to be a part of things too and will continue to do so. Kokoro has Changed To our oldies, Kokoro was largely an informal affair for the most part. My leadership (or lack of) style at the time was to simply try to please everyone, even those who may have made other guests feel down. Over the years that has changed and I am less receptive of those things than I used to be and much more willing to take action where I feel necessary. Some behaviors that used to be tolerated (and perhaps even participated in by me) will not be any more. This includes things like:- Passing comments about a students appearance or other forms of ridicule. Coming to 'be around' us, without making the effort to engage with the people you are around or get to know them or let them know you. Prying about 'who a person really is' asking them if they are an alt etc. In the past we would not have acted on those things and perhaps even seen some of them as 'banter' but we've come to realize how they affect members of the community and make them uncomfortable. Be aware that we take these things seriously now and if me or one of our admins feels you have been participating in these types of act you will simply be removed from the sim - Don't do it. Getting together When the day comes, there may be lots of people who have never met you before, have a think about what you would like everyone to know about you. What are your hobbies? What kind of job do you do? Are you studying? Is there something interesting about where you live? What would you like to achieve as a student at Kokoro? We will make sure everybody gets an opportunity to learn a little bit about everyone, so we are all at least a little bit familiar with each other and can connect over things and have fun. It'll be a good opportunity to see what Kokoro's students are interested in and perhaps a good starting point to think about what kind of clubs and classes students would enjoy in the future. Till then ~ Captain
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