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  1. Hey everyone!

    I wanna know what type of music you all are into. I usually stick to my stuff but I wanna know what everyone's taste is. Might come in handy when the music room is up and running.
    For myself its typically stuff from the 70s and 80s that I adore. The usual classics you'd think of associated to that time.

    So let me know! I also have a lil portable music player, so maybe we can a jam to some tooons in the music room sometime 😄

    Thanks for reading!


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  2. Its great to see how focused and organized this is Ai. Good job. I should be getting a drawing tablet sometime soon so if theres every anything I can help with, I'd absolutely love to (not saying you can't do it yourselves 😛)
    Great job! Can't wait to see development as it happens 🙂

  3. If you ever need help with English Ni, don't hesitate to ask! I'll try. I know Ni loves under the stairs. That's where I met her 😛

    That's as good as a reason as any to love a fountain.. It is super pretty already.

    I love those too! Any room in Kokoro could be a sim itself. I can't wait for the town to be done.

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  4. To all that are excited by Kokoro! I'm curious 😛

    What is everyone most excited about when it comes to Kokoro? What do you plan on getting up to? I'm excited just to be along for everything. Almost every time I come back (Which is daily), there is a new project or something else that improves the academy in some way. I'm also excited to make some friends. There is going to be a ton of people at Kokoro and that scares me a little, but in a good way! Also, if you have been around Kokoro, what is your favorite hangout spot? Mine right now is either the library or the bridge!
    To summarize!

    What is everyone excited about and what kinda classes are you hoping for? I know I want some 3D modeling lessons for sure!

    Thanks for reading 😄 

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  5. Hey everyone! I'm Twi. I'm gonna introduce my self a lil bit for those who'll see me around Kokoro Academy, I'm there quite a bit.

    I'm way into masks and you'll never see me without one. If you're wondering who the weirdo being quiet in the corner is, its probably me. If you have a mask, I'll want to talk to you. I'm slowly but surely making a mask store and I'll open up eventually. I like to hide my face, but I'm not particularly shy. Just in groups or crowds.
    I love gaming. Favorite game of all time is Ocarina of Time. I love Nintendo but I drift between platforms. Really can't wait for the Breath of the Wild sequel!

    I also love art! I draw digitally but I've been delving a bit into 3D modeling, making masks and stuff. I don't really share my stuff.

    Like everyone else who is here, I'm very excited for Kokoro Academy and its amazing to see the new projects come to life every day. If you see me around, say hi! I wanna make friends here 😛

    A bit of RL stuff, I'm still pretty new to SL, so if I don't understand something, I'm sorry XD Be patient with me.

    Thanks for reading!

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