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  1. Nezu reporting for duty! I'm generally available noon to 8 pm SLT every single day, for now at least! Just need to factor in that I'm at dance club on Saturdays 6~7 pm SLT as well as Photography club which I will get back to you on the times asap!
  2. sorry forgot to add time zone is (GMT-6) Mountain Daylight time! so I'm 1 hour ahead of SLT and I am available between noon and midnight generally speaking!
  3. I'm interested! I'm available most of the time!
  4. nezunya


    Ni shark and Sharkcat! Nyaa!
  5. ♥️Thanks to every single one of you for making my birthday such a special happy day! ♥️ Nyaaaa~
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    No Peeking!

    peekabo-aaa I can't see!
  7. nezunya

    Dance Club

    Dance Club We gather in the gym or on the rooftop or around the outside of the school to synchodance together! Activities Dancing! Lots of it! With the goal of dancing at events! Frequency We can gather on most afternoons for a while to practice our dancing! Organiser's General Availability I'm available most of the time! ~1 PM SLT to midnight!
  8. melting jello cat

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      Don't diiie, it's raining here a loot, lets switch~

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      Gladly, where to we make the trade?

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      Wish we could~

      patrick sha GIF

  9. Hello everynyan! I'm Nezu, from the US, speak English and I love to hang around Kokoro lots. I love watching anime and dramas and I play games sometimes like Genshin Impact! I love music and dancing and I talk a lot sometimes. I'm learning Blender and still very new to it but I would like to create all sorts of things! My main focus for now is animations, and dancers!
  10. Hello nyaa! Never too old! Hope to see you around!
  11. Hello everynyan!

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      Hoi hoiii

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