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  1. Take me, take me, take me! 😆

    General Availability:

    • Weekends between 4 AM and 12 PM SLT
    • Weekdays between  12 PM to 2 PM SLT

    (may be subject to change if I have a lot of college work, etc.)

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  2. Welp, We have achieved minimum member requirements! Thank you everyone for joining! I hope y'all enjoy my lil' occult club and I shall try my best!

    I will begin organizing the first event, and sorting out official Kokoro club stuff, I will update you all whenever progress is made!10771405-party-skeleton-dancing-under-the-stars.thumb.jpg.5c46b5e12a5f10bad391b2aafe88424a.jpg

    Doot doot-let's get spooky!

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  3. 1 hour ago, everlastingstardust said:

    Sounds like fun I will be happy to join when I am online, my times may vary so I don't have a set time to be online. 

    No problem! We'll figure something out, welcome to the club! 🥀

    1 more member to go and we shall be an official Kokoro club and be able to hold spooktacular events and meetups!~ 🕯️

  4. 4 hours ago, boxneko said:

    Ooo sounds fun~ I'd like to join. 

    And atm my time is flexible to attend most events.

    Welcome to the club fellow spooky ghoul! 🥀 

    3 more members to go before we're an official Kokoro club! 😄

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  5. Occult Club

    Do you wish to seek out the dark forces and join their hellish crusade? Well, now you can.

    The Occult Club offers a space for people interested in all things spooky to come together and discuss supernatural phenomena, true crime, mysteries, witchcraft, etc.


    Weekly meetings will be held to explore themes and studies related to the occult, we will also hold club events such as practicing alchemy, summoning demons and telling spooky ghost stories around a campfire.

    The High Priestess's Availability

    • Weekends between 4 AM and 12 PM SLT
    • Weekdays between  12 PM to 2 PM SLT

    These are the general times I would be available to hold regular meetups/events for the club.

    If you would like to join the Occult Club, please leave a reply below with your general SLT availability. Any ideas or questions for the Occult Club are welcomed!

    Stay Spooky Y'all.


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  6. I'd like to join, sounds like a fun time! 😄

    Becky's Availability:

    • Weekends between 4am SLT and 12pm SLT
    • Weekdays between 12pm to 2pm.

    Some weekdays I may have to skip incase college work takes over my life, or work twice as hard the next time. 💀

  7. I would say a club would have to:

    1. Have three or more people, who agree to participate and be active within it. 
    2. Have an account on the Kokoro forums.
    3. Determine the club objectives (IE: Spooky club that performs exorcisms? Book club? Raise awareness for a cause? etc.).
    4. Organize a meeting location within Kokoro grounds, and a time (Maybe make an agenda/timetable and post to the forums).
    • I think there should be minimum members (as I wouldn't define a club as a duo), probably an event frequency (all participants agreeing on a frequency of meetings or social events, etc.).
    • I think there should be club themes, I'm not too sure on goals. It would have to depend on what type of club it is, like as an example, a gaming club's goal may only be to play games every week, while a fundraising club would be to raise awareness/raise funds for a cause. 
    • Annnd I think it would be a good idea to check up on clubs to see if they're still active, see what they're doing, etc. No Deado Academy clubs!

    Another thing I think that would be a cool concept is for clubs to be able to make flyers/posters and be able to put them up on notice boards, or maybe have a pop-up recruitment stand for their club. Maybe have their own Discord channel, own forum thread, be able to hold events where they showcase what they do and whatnot. A creative element would be fun, instead of just static meet-up, chat and repeat. 😄


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