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  1. Is Kokoro so dedicated to allowing people to have sex, that there is no compromise for people who do not want to see it?

    • Yes-it seems. 

    Quite a spectacle? Saying I don't want people to be lewd around me is a spectacle and warrants people to defend themselves?

    • That I don't want people to be doing lewd things with the owner because that seems like a power trip?
    • Maybe that people could take advantage of the owner to go up ranks if they have an anime face and are lewd in nature?
    • You think that people who show up and have sex once, then leave are more harmful than the people doing it over and over and over? 

    I won't be returning to Kokoro, I suspect it will become another hentai sim, if not already. I don't want to support that.

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    • Examples:
      • A furry sim example: Loads of lewd people, I'm around them most days. When I ask them to stop being lewd, they will either stop or go elsewhere. 
      • Kokoro example: I ask people not to be lewd and I get 3+ people debating with me that sex is natural, everyone has sex! (doesn't mean I want to see/hear it).


    • Regarding dignity: Yes, they are intelligent. However, if you are in a uniform in RL, it would not be tolerated to go around having x-rated conversations and activities with your co-workers/classmates, etc. It is not dignified to have students running around mating with each other like bunnies. It's not dignified for the owner to be flirting with students
    • You want teachers, students, etc. You want a learning environment, you want there to be dignity and pride amongst the students.
      • Imagine going to Kokoro to learn a new skill, then walking into a classroom only to see teacher-student/student-student sex. I would not be very prideful. 


    • Regarding having a section dedicated to lewd activity
      • I'm not saying people cannot be who they are. I'm saying that a lot of people who go to Kokoro do not want to see this activity. 
      • It's a high school setting, doesn't that seem a tad perverted? Most people do not want to see that. If you want/allow it to be a hentai sim, then be clear about it.
      • Also, what about the people who do not want to see sexual activities? Aren't they being pushed into a corner to avoid anyone who may be lewd?


    • Is Kokoro so dedicated to allowing people to have sex, that there is no compromise for people who do not want to see it?
    • 99% of SL is lewd-you would hardly be pushed into a corner for respecting those who don't want to see it. Imagine not being lewd on SL, that's being pushed into a corner. 
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  2. It's not in question that the sim is rated 'Adult', however I think for the majority of your regulars we don't want to be walking into people's sexy-times. It's uncomfortable. 

    It would be better to have a section dedicated to lewd activity, if that's what you want Kokoro to be like. Privacy is nice. Respecting other people's privacy is nice. A lot of people do not want to see people getting it on. 

    I have no problem going to lewd places in general although whenever I ask people to stop, they usually respectfully go elsewhere or change conversation. I have not had that at Kokoro. 


    I think it'll be a full shame if Kokoro turns into another sex sim on SL. It has potential. I want to be able to support it and the people who help develop it.

    I'm not going to support it if there are pick and choose battles. I.E: Telling people to cover up, telling people to change avatar, etc. Whenever I find students having sex everywhere. 

    If you want standards, you want your students to feel dignified in their uniforms, dignity does not come from allowing students to mate with each other whenever. 

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    Occult Club

    Do you wish to seek out the dark forces and join their hellish crusade? Well, now you can.


    What is the 'Occult Club'?

    The Occult Club offers a space for people interested in all things spooky to come together and discuss supernatural phenomena, true crime, mysteries, witchcraft, etc. 

    We hold events weekly with different topics (i.e. camping, movie nights, spooky funfairs, etc.).

    Is this club for me?

    Our club is open to everyone! However, it's encouraged you have an interest in true crime, witchcraft, spooky stories, morbid things, and/or gothic culture. We are a group full of nice, social people, with a strict no-discrimination policy-so you're guaranteed to have a fun time!

    Note: There are different branches of witchcraft to appeal to everyone! (i.e. the green witch (gardening), the kitchen witch (cooking), the forest witch (animals) and etc.)

    Member List

    • Becky (beckay123x) Club Organizer
    • Retsuko (boxneko)
    • BlackCat (koraneko)
    • Haida (tabacka.kamaboko)
    • Novaline Lovelace (magnalinahinomira)
    • Jinx (royallyjinxed)
    • Taruna (taruto.aeon)
    • Alex (alexia.whitefalcon)

    Meet-Up Times

    We hold meet-ups every Sunday at 10 AM SLT. What's that in my Local Time?

    Note: If this is ever subject to change, I will be in contact through the forums or in IM!




  4. Take me, take me, take me! 😆

    General Availability:

    • Weekends between 4 AM and 12 PM SLT
    • Weekdays between  12 PM to 2 PM SLT

    (may be subject to change if I have a lot of college work, etc.)

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  5. Welp, We have achieved minimum member requirements! Thank you everyone for joining! I hope y'all enjoy my lil' occult club and I shall try my best!

    I will begin organizing the first event, and sorting out official Kokoro club stuff, I will update you all whenever progress is made!10771405-party-skeleton-dancing-under-the-stars.thumb.jpg.5c46b5e12a5f10bad391b2aafe88424a.jpg

    Doot doot-let's get spooky!

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  6. 1 hour ago, everlastingstardust said:

    Sounds like fun I will be happy to join when I am online, my times may vary so I don't have a set time to be online. 

    No problem! We'll figure something out, welcome to the club! 🥀

    1 more member to go and we shall be an official Kokoro club and be able to hold spooktacular events and meetups!~ 🕯️

  7. 4 hours ago, boxneko said:

    Ooo sounds fun~ I'd like to join. 

    And atm my time is flexible to attend most events.

    Welcome to the club fellow spooky ghoul! 🥀 

    3 more members to go before we're an official Kokoro club! 😄

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  8. Occult Club

    Do you wish to seek out the dark forces and join their hellish crusade? Well, now you can.

    The Occult Club offers a space for people interested in all things spooky to come together and discuss supernatural phenomena, true crime, mysteries, witchcraft, etc.


    Weekly meetings will be held to explore themes and studies related to the occult, we will also hold club events such as practicing alchemy, summoning demons and telling spooky ghost stories around a campfire.

    The High Priestess's Availability

    • Weekends between 4 AM and 12 PM SLT
    • Weekdays between  12 PM to 2 PM SLT

    These are the general times I would be available to hold regular meetups/events for the club.

    If you would like to join the Occult Club, please leave a reply below with your general SLT availability. Any ideas or questions for the Occult Club are welcomed!

    Stay Spooky Y'all.


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  9. I'd like to join, sounds like a fun time! 😄

    Becky's Availability:

    • Weekends between 4am SLT and 12pm SLT
    • Weekdays between 12pm to 2pm.

    Some weekdays I may have to skip incase college work takes over my life, or work twice as hard the next time. 💀

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