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  1. taruto.aeon

    It's ya boi

    Welcome to Kokoro, hulahoe!
  2. Welcome to Kokoro! I hope there will be lots of cake. 🙂 Best of luck with the english!
  3. Thanks! 😄 It's the only right thing! NYEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSS
  4. ✧Hello everyone!✧ I'm Taruna, nice to meet you all. If you come by Kokoro and I'm sitting in silence, chances are I'm either asleep/afk or just being my introverted self. - I don't always talk much. ✧Nothing personal!✧ However don't be afraid to say hello! I won't kill you! I promise... maybe. UwU Some stuff about me: ⦁ I'm a crazy cat lady who'll be 30 next year. ⦁ I love cats. ⦁ I love to play video games (Final Fantasy XIV currently consumes a lot of my time). ⦁ I love music. ⦁ I love art. ⦁ Naturally I also love Anime & Manga, JP/K-Drama and what not. ✧I look forward to meeting everyone! And hopefully to make some more friends during my stay at the sim.✧ ✧Finally, have a picture of my cat. (Sadly he was put down due to age and the complications that comes with it. He had a long happy life though!)✧
  5. Welcome to Kokoro!
  6. I like most music but when it comes to some of my favorite stuff: This, This, This A little bit of this, A little bit of that Etc, Etc, Etc The list goes on, but yeah. xD
  7. ( `w´) If you see this "chonky cat", don't worry... it's just a silly stupid thing I do sometimes, so please don't take me too seriously if I talk "lyike thyis". xD

  8. ( `w´ ) Thyis one is 110% spidur... ( ) Shhh... fatto catto. But seriously, yes it's the best lucky cat you will ever find, just make sure to move yo' ass aside, cause this senpai is mine!! 😄
  9. taruto.aeon


    Very trains.... ( `w´) is some kind of spidur?
  10. Welcome to Kokoro! ( `w´) Myask... o o... I knyow of this one, but this is different.
  11. Welcome to Kokoro! ( `w´) is spidur?
  12. taruto.aeon


    Welcome to Kokoro! ( `w´) Just make sure isn't spidur...
  13. Nyes, long live the sculpt. ( `w´)
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