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Kokoro Academy - Student Council


Help captain run Kokoro!

We'll be doing lots of things, and there will be lots duties to fulfill and ways to be involved.

  • Gauge the state of Kokoro and provide feedback
  • Help plan events
  • Helping orient students


We would have a meeting once every two weeks

Organiser's General Availability

Monday to Friday 11am SLT to 5pm SLT

Weekends 1am SLT to 5pm SLT

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Nezu reporting for duty!  I'm generally available noon to 8 pm SLT every single day, for now at least!  Just need to factor in that I'm at dance club on Saturdays 6~7 pm SLT as well as Photography club which I will get back to you on the times asap!

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I am interested, but I suspect that my own availability might disqualify me from playing a role, given that I am in JST. 
I can make myself available with some reliability between the hours of 6am-10amSLT Monday through Friday though I have a lot of flexibility on what in SLT is Saturday. Sunday in SLT is a bit variable, but I am usually available for most of the day. Saturday and Sunday I tend to be available after 9pm SLT with a fair degree of certainty, though often earlier, minus commitments to Dance Club.

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9 hours ago, index.enchantment said:

Generally Available all times of the day (except for sleep) 0001-2359 SLT

I amend this to something more reasonable but generally shifts 8 hours to the left or right depending on work schedule that updates on a monthly basis;


5am - approx. 3pm SLT  - Sunday through Saturday

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I am happy to help as well! My timezone is EST. I'm available online, typically between 4pm - 11pm SLT on weekdays and anytime after 8am SLT on weekends. I love using Photoshop and I'm pretty good at it. I love designing textures for clothing in SL! (Also not the real Zone-tan, she's just my inspiration! 😍)

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