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Kokoro Curry Club


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Heart Love Sticker by Ai and Aiko

Looking for a place to belong as a new or existing student at Kokoro?
The Kokoro Curry Club welcomes you!
As a member of the K.C.C (Kokoro Curry Club) there are activities almost every other week!
From lending a hand to our fellow students,  to heading out of campus to Seikii to have fun! Kokoro's Curry club has activities for everyone and so much more~
Joining the K.C.C. will build your character as a student, help fulfill a sense of duty, and let you meet new and old faces~ 

You may even learn a thing or two !



Kokoro Curry Club 🍛

The K.C.C. is a mix of extra curricular activities or tasks that focus on keeping the school and students staying active and goal oriented!
The club focuses on 1 - 2 activities per month (Once every two weeks) that can vary based on season, holiday, or majority vote.



K.C.C. Activities will include but not limited to the following :

  • Approved events and parties
  • Field trips, explorations, or educational landmark visits
  • Group meet-ups on or off campus
  • Assisting fellow clubs and students with set-ups or tasks
  • Making event posts on the Kokoro site about events

(Including photos, summary's, history behind activities, etcetera )


Frequency 📝

Meet ups and activities would be held 1 - 2 times per month, with a club meeting once a month.


General Availability 📅

My general availability is::

Sunday - Saturday
2PM ~ 10PM SLT




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Best doing a bit of clarification here on my availability. Working during week... so only my Friday and Saturday afternoon and night are available. Translated in SLT:

Friday : Could be online in SL from 10:30 am SLT to 6 pm SLT

Saturday: Could be online in SL from 6 am SLT to 6 pm SLT

On Sunday, I may be online from 6 am SLT to 2 pm SLT with a Hard Limit at 3 pm (my alarm is ringing 5 hours and a half later, so need my sleep.)

From Monday to Thursday, plan on a 11 am to 2 pm SLT (again with the 3 pm Hard Limit)

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