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Kokoro Cheerleading Squad


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il_794xN.2573473279_swbe.thumb.jpg.25e357caa1a663b2f70c2f2ebaf1bb71.jpg Kokoro Cheerleading Squad il_794xN.2573473279_swbe.thumb.jpg.25e357caa1a663b2f70c2f2ebaf1bb71.jpg

🏆  Activities 🏆
Host Events
School Spirit Performance
and more to come....

🤸 Practice 🤸
Practice will be held once a week
Tryouts once a year for new members
{practice will take place on the baseball field}

📅 My Schedule 📅
Monday - Friday
4am~8pm slt
Saturday & Sundays
5am~9pm slt



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Currently, Kokoro does not have an official Cheerleader outfit

There are a couple of Cheerleader outfits out there for Kemono, but they're each not the best for different reasons. We did have a texture mod for a couple of fitted torso items, but the creator of the fitted torso retired their store.

I will make a Cheerleader outfit for the club, but making clothes takes time and my timescales are not always too predictable. It is likely to be some time during 2022. I hope that will be OK.

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