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Ladies and gentlemen, hello everyone!

In fact, I am very lazy, most of the time an introvert. Sometimes I become sociable (from low to high degree). Sometimes I’m not in place, or I don’t read the general chat if I’m watching a series or a movie in parallel. No, I'm not a bot.

To be honest - I don't remember how I found this academy. But from time to time I visit this place. For communication, I sometimes use a translator. Sometimes I can write without a translator, but it is far from always clear.

You can call me Kenny (not a Kennie or something like it). 🐌

I'm not so old and not so young in real life. Education: graphic designer.

Facts about me:

  • Lazy
  • Silent a lot of my time
  • My character is adult
  • AFK (this is a reason why i don't say "hi")
  • If you noticed my avatar on other location (sandbox) it's mean i'm busy and at the "Do not disturb" mode. It's a creation time!
  • I don’t need to get attached. In other words, you do not need to count on a serious or any other love relationship with me. We can become friends.
  • I'm from Ukraine (we are not part of any other country).
  • However, I don't make skins or 3D models at the request of a friend (i'm useless for your own purposes).
  • Lucid dreaming
  • Movies and serials.


  • Digital art (i don't do art-trades, gifts and anything else, i do it for fun).
  • 3D static models (almost anything) with textures.

Therefore, if you notice me at Kokoro location, if you wish, you can say "hi". But if I do not answer, you should not be offended. Perhaps I eat, sleep, work with something, or watch movies with TV shows.


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1 hour ago, squidwardonachair said:

Welcome to Kokoro!

I've seen your work on Flickr- you make some great stuff!

Hi-hi ✌️

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