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Requirements to start a club?


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I'm planning to put in place a process to start school clubs so that we can have some activities at the school.

Tell me your opinions on how clubs should be managed below!

Some questions that are on my mind:-

  • Do you think we should have minimum members, organizers, event frequency etc? If so, what do you think the requirements should be?
  • Should clubs have themes and goals?
  • When should we review clubs to make sure that clubs are still active etc?

If you have other thoughts, let me know those as well!

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I would say a club would have to:

  1. Have three or more people, who agree to participate and be active within it. 
  2. Have an account on the Kokoro forums.
  3. Determine the club objectives (IE: Spooky club that performs exorcisms? Book club? Raise awareness for a cause? etc.).
  4. Organize a meeting location within Kokoro grounds, and a time (Maybe make an agenda/timetable and post to the forums).
  • I think there should be minimum members (as I wouldn't define a club as a duo), probably an event frequency (all participants agreeing on a frequency of meetings or social events, etc.).
  • I think there should be club themes, I'm not too sure on goals. It would have to depend on what type of club it is, like as an example, a gaming club's goal may only be to play games every week, while a fundraising club would be to raise awareness/raise funds for a cause. 
  • Annnd I think it would be a good idea to check up on clubs to see if they're still active, see what they're doing, etc. No Deado Academy clubs!

Another thing I think that would be a cool concept is for clubs to be able to make flyers/posters and be able to put them up on notice boards, or maybe have a pop-up recruitment stand for their club. Maybe have their own Discord channel, own forum thread, be able to hold events where they showcase what they do and whatnot. A creative element would be fun, instead of just static meet-up, chat and repeat. 😄


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Basically what Becky said, but here's my take:

  • First point:
    • 2 members and 1 organiser minimum: easy numbers to achieve, shows people are interested in the idea
    • At least 1 meeting a month or bi-monthly. Events could be optional because they take a lot of planning.
  • Second point:
    • Not sure what you mean by themes? I think having a focus is important: e.g. sport, gaming, spellcraft, etc. Without a focus, meet-ups could get disorganised/chaotic
    • Goals could be optional- no harm in having a club just for talking. Optional goals could be to win tournaments, hold monthly contests/collabs, Becky's suggestions etc.
  • Third point:
    • Monthly or bi-monthly checks.
      • Clubs could be considered inactive if there are <2 people actively visiting Kokoro that month and/or there were no meetings since the last check.
      • Exceptions could be made if the organiser(s) post a notice on the forums.
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