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Ai's Creators Club


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Club Proposal Form

Club name

Creators Club


  • We would be making stuff and learning together
  • Each member will have their own project
  • We'll work together and learn as we go!


  • We'll formally meet together once a week, for two hours
  • We could have extra informal meets for members who are into it.

Organiser's General Availability

I am able to organise regular meet ups on the following days/times:

  • Tuesday and Fridays between 9am SLT and 2pm SLT
  • Saturday and Sundays between 1am SLT and 2pm SLT
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This is the first club proposal at Kokoro, it is an example of how a club is started. Read more here if you're interested in starting a club.
When you first create a thread in the proposals section, it will be approved by a moderator, and then appear here in the Club Proposals section.

Once approved, you'll be notified that it's time to start recruiting members. A moderator will then write something along the lines of:-

This club has been approved, and is now recruiting members.

If you would like to sign up, please register your interest below and provide your general availability in SLT.

(For real, this club really is now recruiting members. We're allowed to recruit a total of 8 members. It's first come, first served, so sign up below!)

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I'd like to join, sounds like a fun time! 😄

Becky's Availability:

  • Weekends between 4am SLT and 12pm SLT
  • Weekdays between 12pm to 2pm.

Some weekdays I may have to skip incase college work takes over my life, or work twice as hard the next time. 💀

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Normaly i am always studying stuff by myself, learning with a project and people with skills different than mine would be nice so count on me!

I am usually available from 7:00am to 5:00pm SLT.

My interests right now are improving my 3D modeling skills, i like to model random things but my specialization is human figure sculpting, i would like to practice more of clothing design and drawing as well as painting, so i think i am into visual arts in general. My long term goal is to be a good character design artist. Hope we can all learn cool stuff together!

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