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About Clubs

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What are Clubs?

Clubs are a place to meet and engage with like-minded people.

  • Clubs may be roleplay focused, or be out of character.
  • Every club has an organiser who manages activities and regular meet-ups.
  • Clubs also have a sponsor (usually, a teacher) to help supervise and check on things from time to time.

Member etiquette

  1. Always consult the organiser before inviting non-members to a club meeting.
  2. Let the club organiser know when you are unable to attend at first opportunity.
  3. Let the organiser know if you no longer wish to be a part of the club.

Joining Clubs

  • You may sign up to clubs that are in the proposal phase by replying to it's thread in the proposals section.
  • For already running clubs, you should consult the club organiser.

Starting Clubs

Learn how to start a club.



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