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About Occult Club ๐Ÿ’€

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Occult Club

Do you wish to seek out the dark forces and join their hellish crusade?ย Well, now you can.


What is the 'Occult Club'?

The Occult Club offers a space for people interested in all thingsย spookyย to come together and discuss supernatural phenomena, true crime, mysteries, witchcraft, etc.ย 

We hold events weekly with different topics (i.e. camping, movie nights, spooky funfairs, etc.).

Is this club for me?

Our club is open to everyone! However, it's encouraged you have an interest in true crime, witchcraft, spooky stories, morbid things, and/or gothic culture. We are a group full of nice, social people, with a strict no-discrimination policy-so you're guaranteed to have a fun time!

Note: There are different branches of witchcraft to appeal to everyone! (i.e. the green witch (gardening), the kitchen witch (cooking), the forest witch (animals) and etc.)

Member List

  • Becky (beckay123x) Club Organizer
  • Retsuko (boxneko)
  • BlackCat (koraneko)
  • Haida (tabacka.kamaboko)
  • Novaline Lovelace (magnalinahinomira)
  • Jinx (royallyjinxed)
  • Taruna (taruto.aeon)
  • Alex (alexia.whitefalcon)

Meet-Up Times

We hold meet-ups every Sunday at 10 AM SLT. What's that in my Local Time?

Note: If this is ever subject to change, I will be in contact through the forums or in IM!




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