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Seiiki is mesh!


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About Seiiki

Seiiki is the town where students and staff of Kokoro reside.

You'll meet many people in Seiiki's bars and clubs, and bathe and unwind in its natural hotsprings.

Climb up through the bamboo forest and you'll be able to connect with Kokoro's many spirits at our Shinto Shrine.

A nod to the past

Seiiki is Japanese for Sanctuary.

Kokoro Academy was originally a small parcel neighboring Kokoro Sanctuary. It was a small anime community floating in the sky where people lived and hung out together~

So what's new?

After a long time, we've started to mesh Seiiki!






We'll soon be meshing many parts of Seiiki and decorating it to look nice. We're also developing new trees that should bring about that 'Anime Opening' spring feeling!

Some pictures of planned areas as they are now:-

River Bridge

We plan to have a river flowing here. We're standing at the new planned spawn (A helipad) where visitors to Kokoro are flown in for the first time~


This building will one day be meshed and host our hotsprings! It was designed by Macrina Crescendo.


Further up the path you'll find the bars and clubs of Seiiki, along with a small convenience store. You'll also walk through here to get to our Shrine and the Cable car station!


One of our town's buildings is already meshed! It was made by Minny! (Textures pending)

There are many other areas of the town to discover, but I'll post about those later as we work on them more 🙂

You can travel between Seiiki and Kokoro Academy by using our Cable Car. One line is in service of a planned two at this time.



That's all for now! ♥

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