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Male Uniform (Gakuran) Progress


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Hello everyone, I made this section to present to you the progress on kokoro's male uniform~

Currently, I got the garment part done...


Threw it in my sculpting program and got this out of it...


ZBrush Movie.mpgZBrush Movie2.mpg

Currently, I am working on the topological part of the model, the shirt has the topology done already


But the pants still need to be done, that's what I am doing today.

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Sorry this is all the progress I did today, redid the uvs of the pants and shirt, did the button uvs as well, improved a bit the rigging between the legs, the arms need a lot of work and the buttons are breaking in half, so I have to fix that next. I got sick and translation works to do at once, so not much energy is being left to work on the gakuran at the end of the day.

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