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  2. Ayyy onwards and upwards Hope it's all cosy in ya new build for christmas!
  3. Im so excited for you! I hope the moving goes smoothly! Congrats on the new place! ♥
  4. Hello everyone captain speakin' Well, I'm growing up, I am going to be moving into my first apartment soon over the next few weeks, during this time I may be less active than normal here on SL until I am all set up again, but I'll still be on with my mobile! For the time being I've turned sim rez off except for group and turned the group invite only, but the sim remains open to visit, you can also IM Nihara nini if you need an admin. Just letting you know! Hope everyone is doing well and I'll see you on the other side ~ Ai
  5. OK SO I WAS GONNA ADD MORE BUT i guess i accidentally pressed enter and sent it and idk how to edit my posts so whatever here u go
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