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  2. Welcome to Kokoro! Nice to see more RPers around.
  3. I doubt it would be disallowed given how popular said thing is within anime community overall.
  4. There is one already, but it's not done. You can probably contact extrude.ragu for a WIP one.
  5. Welcome to Kokoro! πŸ™‚
  6. taruto.aeon


    Welcome to Kokoro! πŸ™‚ Not much rp going on atm.
  7. Will the uniform for females also be fitted for the kemono fitted torso, for the busty one?
  8. Awesome I can't wait then! πŸ˜„
  9. Kokoro has loads of nekos/bunnies (and a snail/crow gal) around, so I'm sure you'd be allowed. 😸
  10. beckay123x


    From one smol bean to another, welcome back! Hope to see you around!~ πŸ˜„
  11. hiii welcome to kokoro!
  12. lolalilacs


    My name is Lolalilacs, I've recently come back to Second Life after a 6 year hiatus. I'm ready to jump back into roleplay on here, and I'm surprised at the lack of Anime themed RP groups, this one has peeked my interest. I'm an artist that does commissions I love anime I love KPOP I love Marvel and I'm a smol bean Nice to meet you!
  13. Are neko's allowed to go to the academy? Since I have a neko girl I want to bring in πŸ™‚
  14. Earlier
  15. New circular grass mesh for placing around trees, helps them blend into the ground nicer. Normals are edited so the shading is the same as the floor despite being at 90deg to it Sucked up my pride and got Photoshop subscription, so I'll be texturing again this week πŸ™‚ I've started with the Gazebo fence
  16. Kokoro Academy can gather international students from all over the world. Therefore, I assume that for the admission of people as students, it is necessary to conduct an exam that will determine their degree of awareness of the rules. In other words, the rule of entry into the academy should be knowledge of the rules of behavior. What a dress code, what the academy is dedicated to, and so on. As a final question, you can put the following: what would you like to get from being in Kokoro Academy? If players know the rules, then they will not break them. As for the meaning - knowledge can be introduced into the academy (teaching texturing, modeling).
  17. Welcome to Kokoro! I haven't seen you around the sim before. Come say hello some time!
  18. Hey Everyone have you ever know the GTFO Things. It's GetTheFreightOut! Freight game for everyone! for more information please visit https://sl-gtfo.com/ and you can visit the gtfo main hq at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bruissac/97/56/36 I'll do my best to invite those anime userbase to play the gtfo game. thank you!
  19. This document is a draft! Some information is missing or incomplete. This guide is intended for creators who are making mesh models/textures/audio for Kokoro. We maintain high standards of content to ensure an enjoyable experience for visitors visiting Kokoro. All permanent builds at Kokoro are required to meet these standards for quality assurance purposes. These standards don't apply to temporary builds. Mesh models Visitors should be able to enjoy Kokoro regardless of if their viewers graphics preset is set to Ultra, High, Medium and Low. We do not test/officially support the Lowest graphics preset. Custom LoD models All models must be able to pass the LoD2-64 challenge - No noticeable pop in from the perspective of a user with a LoD setting of 2 and a draw distance of 64m in the context of the objects expected placement. To meet this: Mesh models should always be created with a High, Medium, Low custom mesh model, lowest may be left on generated except on small models (less than 0.5m in any direction) Custom created LoD models must degenerate in a way that considers their surroundings Each LoD model should have approximately ΒΌ of the vertices of its predecessor. For example, a highest model with 400 vertices would have a medium of ~100, low of around ~25. Land Impact (LI) Maintaining region capacity is important for the continued capacity of Kokoro for it's builds. Land impact of models is multiplied considerably by the volume (length x width x height). Many models can have their LI significantly reduced by splitting the mesh into a linkset of 0.5Li pieces. This also has a performance benefit in allowing smaller parts of a large model to drop to lower lod models faster. When possible, rotating the individual links in the set in the modelling application to fit into a smaller bounding box will also have land impact benefits. The vast majority of models should have 1 material per link, as adding extra materials multiplies the Land Impact significantly. Textures Sizes To avoid texture thrashing (The viewer running out of memory and blurring random textures). UV maps should be space optimized (no large unused areas) and all textures should be kept as small as possible. Alpha Material faces using Alpha Blending are GPU-Heavy and are not to be used on props that are used outside of instance rooms, only Alpha Masking should be used. Aesthetic considerations Textures should be kept simple in keeping with the anime feel. There should be a low level of visual noise and contrast in textures should be reduced towards their average color. Secondlife does not have the best shaders and not all users will use the advanced lighting model, therefore any textures with a reflective/metallic quality should use our faux shiny effect. (Contact for details) Our textures do not have baked shadows to avoid interfering with Advanced Lighting Model, but do have normalized Ambient Occlusion multiplied over the diffuse. Ambient occlusion should be baked with a floor mesh present to ensure the shading looks appropriate for the objects surroundings. Our textures are designed to look natural and easy on the eyes and should almost never have a saturation level above 60. Audio Our audio is designed to ensure that we can have 'quiet' and 'loud' sounds. File normalization To ensure we have control over audio volume, all audio must be normalized to a volume of -0.1db prior to upload. This can be done with software such as Audacity etc. Volume settings Audio in Secondlife is played at a volume from level 0.1 to 1.0. Quiet sounds (eg, a mouse) at Kokoro in general should use volumes between 0.2 and 0.4. Most normal sounds (Eg, bird chirp, door closing thud) should be between 0.4 - 0.6 Any sounds above 0.6 is reserved for loud objects such as Belle (Kokoro's school bell that should be heard island wide). Audio Range limiting Due to a bug in some viewers, even the quietest sounds can sometimes be heard sim wide if not range limited. Therefore, instead of using llPlaySound, the following custom function should be used:-
  20. Hi Kenny, welcome to Kokoro πŸ™‚
  21. hellow there my name is Novaline K. Lovelace~ i am new here hope to get to know you all and have fun ^w^ i am very shy so if you see me not talking or moving much, don't worry i am not a stalker lol... normally i don't talk first but if you talk to me i am very nice but i don't take any kind of treatment. ^^ if you wanna know more about me i'd be happy to tell you and i would love to get to know you aswell~
  22. This location makes me very happy. I like to watch the process of rp. In the past, I watched school anime rp in a different location. There were too many strict rules because of which people stopped playing. On the strictness of the rules of the location: I was sitting with a friend on the playground when no one was engaged in RP game. A moderator approached me and began to insult me, when I said that he behaves inappropriately, they began to threaten me with a ban. Those insults were not claims against rp. In other words, the moderator just wanted to recoup on someone. I found this academy randomly. And to be honest - Kokoro is one of the best places among school RPs. The location is well designed, the sky settings are some of the best. Very atmospheric and painstaking work. I do not speak English very well, so at times I use a translator. I hope that the translation is provided correctly. I like compiling profiles for a specific character, so there is hope to penetrate into the atmosphere of the RP. I don’t know how exactly it will be in time (since sometimes I work part-time in the real world). If I understand correctly, then my time zone today is GMT+3 (Ukraine).
  23. Welcome to Kokoro! πŸ™‚
  24. koeshy


    hi hi! nice to meet you, nice pic and welcome ^^
  25. Maybe you will like it πŸ˜„ 2 land impact convex hull/prim with alpha masking 12 land impact with alpha blending.
  26. Yes, anyone can get involved in creating for Kokoro. We have plans for most areas in the sim, along with standards and styles so it is best to get in touch with me in-world if you want to make things for the school πŸ‘
  27. Hi-hi ✌️
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