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    ~♡ Hey Hi Hello! ♡~ My name is Bunni or Bun ( I also go by Mochii in someplaces) I am your typical internet weeb. I like anime and playing video games on PC and PS4 I play things like Maplestory 2, Sims 1/2/3/4, Minecraft, Life is Strange, GTA 5, and really whatever catches my eye. I like pink. not pink - but - ̗̀ PINK ̖́- I've been a long time visitor of kokoro, a couple years now I guess. I do tend to take break from SL because of anxiety, but I always come back! I run a couple SL events (Etoile & Ota-Con) and I love to destress and hang out around the school. A lot of times you'll see me hanging around just taking photos. I enjoy photo editing and some graphic design in Photoshop. I'm currently in school for Graphic design and Web Development! It's nice to meet you and I hope to see you around the school!
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    Allow ≠ flooding I believe that Kokoro is diverse, it allow many thing, not only adult.For example, Kokoro allows rez object, but people didn't throw rubbish all over the ground Things are not as extreme as you think,I believe everyone has a baseline and etiquette These students are not walking mating beasts,at least I think so,Yes, humans need sex, but that doesn't mean they only seek sex at all times I think this paragraph has fully expressed Ai's position. I've been thinking about it for a long time. I'm hesitating should I say something I hope everyone can get along well. I hope it's not that I'm nosy The people here are very friendly. I'm glad to join this school
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    Mine eyes can only take so much bleach!
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    Its another Sunny Day at Kokoro ♡~
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    Hello everyone and nice to meet you~ I'm 美惠,or Rosa. Very happy to have found this delicious spot on sl, I'm really looking forward to meet you all. I'm often on mobile and I love to chat, so... Hit me up!
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    This document is a draft! Some information is missing or incomplete. This guide is intended for creators who are making mesh models/textures/audio for Kokoro. We maintain high standards of content to ensure an enjoyable experience for visitors visiting Kokoro. All permanent builds at Kokoro are required to meet these standards for quality assurance purposes. These standards don't apply to temporary builds. Mesh models Visitors should be able to enjoy Kokoro regardless of if their viewers graphics preset is set to Ultra, High, Medium and Low. We do not test/officially support the Lowest graphics preset. Custom LoD models All models must be able to pass the LoD2-64 challenge - No noticeable pop in from the perspective of a user with a LoD setting of 2 and a draw distance of 64m in the context of the objects expected placement. To meet this: Mesh models should always be created with a High, Medium, Low custom mesh model, lowest may be left on generated except on small models (less than 0.5m in any direction) Custom created LoD models must degenerate in a way that considers their surroundings Each LoD model should have approximately ¼ of the vertices of its predecessor. For example, a highest model with 400 vertices would have a medium of ~100, low of around ~25. Land Impact (LI) Maintaining region capacity is important for the continued capacity of Kokoro for it's builds. Land impact of models is multiplied considerably by the volume (length x width x height). Many models can have their LI significantly reduced by splitting the mesh into a linkset of 0.5Li pieces. This also has a performance benefit in allowing smaller parts of a large model to drop to lower lod models faster. When possible, rotating the individual links in the set in the modelling application to fit into a smaller bounding box will also have land impact benefits. The vast majority of models should have 1 material per link, as adding extra materials multiplies the Land Impact significantly. Textures Sizes To avoid texture thrashing (The viewer running out of memory and blurring random textures). UV maps should be space optimized (no large unused areas) and all textures should be kept as small as possible. Alpha Material faces using Alpha Blending are GPU-Heavy and are not to be used on props that are used outside of instance rooms, only Alpha Masking should be used. Aesthetic considerations Textures should be kept simple in keeping with the anime feel. There should be a low level of visual noise and contrast in textures should be reduced towards their average color. Secondlife does not have the best shaders and not all users will use the advanced lighting model, therefore any textures with a reflective/metallic quality should use our faux shiny effect. (Contact for details) Our textures do not have baked shadows to avoid interfering with Advanced Lighting Model, but do have normalized Ambient Occlusion multiplied over the diffuse. Ambient occlusion should be baked with a floor mesh present to ensure the shading looks appropriate for the objects surroundings. Our textures are designed to look natural and easy on the eyes and should almost never have a saturation level above 60. Audio Our audio is designed to ensure that we can have 'quiet' and 'loud' sounds. File normalization To ensure we have control over audio volume, all audio must be normalized to a volume of -0.1db prior to upload. This can be done with software such as Audacity etc. Volume settings Audio in Secondlife is played at a volume from level 0.1 to 1.0. Quiet sounds (eg, a mouse) at Kokoro in general should use volumes between 0.2 and 0.4. Most normal sounds (Eg, bird chirp, door closing thud) should be between 0.4 - 0.6 Any sounds above 0.6 is reserved for loud objects such as Belle (Kokoro's school bell that should be heard island wide). Audio Range limiting Due to a bug in some viewers, even the quietest sounds can sometimes be heard sim wide if not range limited. Therefore, instead of using llPlaySound, the following custom function should be used:-
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    Read this topic to answer any questions you might have regarding adult content You may encounter adult content at Kokoro Academy Kokoro Academy is an Adult (A) listed sim in SecondLife. It is only possible to access our sim by registering your SecondLife account as being 18 and over and opting into adult content by enabling it in your viewer preferences. The Adult Rating is also displayed in search results and in the region's title bar, and on the world map. Keeping the above in mind, you can reasonably expect that you may encounter adult content including but not limited to themes of sex and violence in our region. It is advised that you visit Kokoro Academy only if you tolerate this content. With that said, in general, most topics and themes at Kokoro are not adult in nature and in fact we do not want visitors who are here just for sex. We have many guests and friends who are not interested in adult topics and usually when we are made aware we will usually endeavor to be considerate of them and expect the same of our guests. Questions? If you have any further queries feel free to leave them below!
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    Just a reminder that replies to this topic that are not questions regarding adult content will be cleared at the end of the week on Sunday. Becky; I understand that you are at odds with this policy. Just know that this isn't a personal thing; the information presented here is "Just the facts, ma'am". I and many others are saddened to see that you intend to leave, we did enjoy seeing you and I have no doubt that many of our guests will miss having you around. Whilst it may seem that I am being cold, viewed from my eyes, there are always going to be people who disagree with policy no matter what it is. Whilst I will try to accommodate people as best I can, I felt that the standards and expectations you wanted to set for me would ultimately make what is essentially my hobby into something too serious and unenjoyable for me. The new year is coming, and I prefer to remember guests who choose to leave for their merits rather than the times we quarreled, so lets end the chapter. I know it's unfortunate that it ends this way. I hope you will find a place that better aligns with your expectations, know that you remain welcome at Kokoro regardless.
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    This seems like an interesting take on events. I seem to recall there being quite the spectacle that led to people defending themselves. This is not RL. This is a fantasy anime sim in SecondLife. An adult rated one. Heck yea! I do pick and choose. Some guests turn up and the first thing they do is ask about sex. I do not encourage people unless I think they are acting in good faith and aren't going to harm the sim.
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    im confused, i thought the lewd stuff was ok in private but not allowed in the open? i seem to be mistaken then. So am i still not accepted as the yokai fire doggo? I feel like i shouldn't be apart of this any further. i feel like ive been misguided.
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    Thankyou for creating this post as I had some questions regarding this subject. Many are curious as to if you wish for Kokoro to be a PG environment or a place where hentai and lewd activity is acceptable. I must stress that I am not trying to be confrontational with this statement but I as well as many other members of Kokoro feel that you pick and choose when to enforce your rules depending on how you feel personally about avatars.
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    It's not in question that the sim is rated 'Adult', however I think for the majority of your regulars we don't want to be walking into people's sexy-times. It's uncomfortable. It would be better to have a section dedicated to lewd activity, if that's what you want Kokoro to be like. Privacy is nice. Respecting other people's privacy is nice. A lot of people do not want to see people getting it on. I have no problem going to lewd places in general although whenever I ask people to stop, they usually respectfully go elsewhere or change conversation. I have not had that at Kokoro. I think it'll be a full shame if Kokoro turns into another sex sim on SL. It has potential. I want to be able to support it and the people who help develop it. I'm not going to support it if there are pick and choose battles. I.E: Telling people to cover up, telling people to change avatar, etc. Whenever I find students having sex everywhere. If you want standards, you want your students to feel dignified in their uniforms, dignity does not come from allowing students to mate with each other whenever.
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    I run mobile games on my computer. I'm playing Honkai impact 3rd. Are you playing wows?
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    With some difficulty, I managed to get around the small issues I found. Games go fine, doing 77 fps which is quite ok. On screen though it's slower, but hey, it's nice to see that it works :3
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    hello all, I have been around for some time...The attachment is my Second Life avatar in the Kokoro Academy's uniform Hope this community will never get contaminated by toxic people and their behaviour...
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    【東方爆音ジャズ】MMD版フラワリングナイト 〜紅霧夜華2014【東京アクティブNEETs&ドライブP】 Don't know how to embed video........A great orchestra ^_^
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    I been around often but im usually around to see how the school is.. Only just found out theres a site lol.
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    Hey everyone, I'm new around here, absolutely love the sim, It's amazing. Can't wait to see it when it's done <3
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    " Aye Aye, Captain! "
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    Dag Dag! Thanku! u//w//u ------ ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ -----
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    May i join the club? this sounds like so much fun, i love talking about true crime and horror~😍☺️ my time i'm on is around 6:00 A.M SLT all the way to 12:00 P.M SLT {i take brakes between i let you know if i have things to do during the times >3<}
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    Hey Beckay! Thank you~ See you around :3
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    Hi, everyone! I'm Seren! It's nice to meet you! 😍 I tend to dual screen, so please don't get offended if I don't respond right away...
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    Welcome to the forum Rosa! See you around the school~ 💕
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    Hi, I'm Katarina. I discovered this group through a product on SL and thought I should check it out. I'm interested in how this RP will grow.
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    Hello everyone. I look forward to a fun time RPing with everyone ^^
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    (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ What a pretty campus. I am so happy to meet you all! ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿
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    Ohai, Im Husky! Im an avid RPer and I like to engage myself in RPs across the multi-dimensional universe known as the internet! I enjoy almost every kind of RP and I hope I can get a long with each and every one of you ^w^
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    Hello @atlemventa and welcome to the forum ! I'm new like you, I hope to see you in the school very soon :'3
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    About Creators Club 'But I don't know how to do that!' Abandon all that holds you back and make a commitment. 'Today, I'm gonna figure it out!' Creators club is a gym for your mind. Join us and unlock new skills and make new like-minded creating friends! Current Members Ai (extrude.ragu) Club Organiser Becky (beckay123x) Nihara (niharanini) Twi (twilightprincess333) Jinx (royallyjinxed) Macrina Crescendo(macrina.crescendo) Meetings Creators Club runs weekly at 7am SLT/PDT on Sunday. What's that in my local time? Our first meeting will be held on the 17th of November We're recruiting! Ready to get creating? Join us!
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    Don't know if this is the best subforum for this; feel free to move it or whatever! I took a photo of Becky's last spooky event. Extras here! (if it works, thanks imgur)
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    Welcome back fellow neko! 💕
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    Just to clarify as there has been some confusion; This area is for introducing the real you. If you're looking to introduce your roleplay character, please hang tight as we are developing a system for roleplay where character introductions should be stored.
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    Ever wanted to run your very own school club? Well, now you can! We are now accepting club proposals: About Clubs How to start a Club ~ Ai
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    Pretty picture! Hope to seeya around! 😄
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    76623c3f555a725f6233da8124b90458[1].mp4 Scripted some gates for the sports areas that emulate the physics of a hinged door. Added some new hedges Did a bit of decorating around the back of the school Added some more textures to the Gazebo Fixed bug in Kokoro Academy HUD leading to incorrect timeout error message when Windlight Override is turned off. In Progress Implementing system to display count of Website Notifications/Latest Post on entering sim Implementing Red5 Streaming Server to enable anime nights/streaming to classroom projector screens via OBS
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    Find updates about my ongoing work at Kokoro here. Comments are of course welcome!
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    I've been trying to get back into the groove of drawing stuff, so I decided to draw some of your avatars! I hope you all like them. I drew everyone I saw early this afternoon, so if you're not there, it's nothing personal! Left to right: Ai, Jinx, Ni, Taru, Twi, Becky Individual files
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    Working on the Gazebo between the tennis courts and the Baseball field. A nice shaded place to sit on a hot summers day, especially after a round of tennis!
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    ✧Hello everyone!✧ I'm Taruna, nice to meet you all. If you come by Kokoro and I'm sitting in silence, chances are I'm either asleep/afk or just being my introverted self. - I don't always talk much. ✧Nothing personal!✧ However don't be afraid to say hello! I won't kill you! I promise... maybe. UwU Some stuff about me: ⦁ I'm a crazy cat lady who'll be 30 next year. ⦁ I love cats. ⦁ I love to play video games (Final Fantasy XIV currently consumes a lot of my time). ⦁ I love music. ⦁ I love art. ⦁ Naturally I also love Anime & Manga, JP/K-Drama and what not. ✧I look forward to meeting everyone! And hopefully to make some more friends during my stay at the sim.✧ ✧Finally, have a picture of my cat. (Sadly he was put down due to age and the complications that comes with it. He had a long happy life though!)✧
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    ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇ ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇ R O Y A L L Y J I N X E D ⇪X⇪X⇪ YOUR X RESIDENT X SENPAI X AND X MANEKI ▇ NAME My username is royallyjinxed resident! However, most call me Jinx! Kōichi is my character’s name, but I rarely go by it. However, I wouldn’t give ya a funny look for calling me that. Of course, senpai is also acceptable uwu ▇ ABOUT · If it wasn’t obvious, I’m ♀ irl! Nov ’96 is when the world was blessed with me. · 90% of what comes out of my mouth is a joke or reference. Specializing in vintage memes. · Extremely prone to laughing fits. Voice channel users beware! · I love to read and write! Spend a great deal of time doing it when my life isn’t consumed by ffxiv. · I love to meet and talk to new people! I’m very friendly usually so don’t worry about just coming up to talk to me, I’ll usually answer if I’m not afk! · I’m a university student working on my masters at the moment. · I LOVE DOGS. · I LOVE CATS. · SHOW ME YOUR PET. ESPECIALLY IF THEY'RE CHONKY. · Chinese food always acceptable bribe. · I’m extra in most things I do. · I’m like a grandpa when it comes to anecdotes! · I love swimming. · Korean drama is my shit and I’m always down for a movie night, hmu whenever. · I’m like a sloth and spend 90% of my life sleeping. ▇ EXTRA Lovely to meet everyone new and lovely to know everyone old! I look forward to the time we spend together and the memories we make in this godforsaken hellhole of a game. ⇩X⇩X⇩ ★ ☆ ★
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    Very trains.... ( `w´) is some kind of spidur?
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    Hey! I'm the nerdy one who writes the code and makes a lot of the 3D stuff at Kokoro! Obviously I have a love of anime, given what I make, but here are some other things about me:- I like creating things! I'm a software engineer and I can reach ~100 Words per minute! 🔥 I'm actually a dude, and I live in London! I look forward to making friends with you~ ~ Ai
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    Hi! I'm Squidwardonachair, or Matthew. Neon introduced me to this place and it seems like a nice place to hang around in! I'm a freelancing artist and epic gamer squid in their early 20s. My aspiration in life is to be the guy who wears the mascot costume. Preferably Squidward. I'm also very new to SL and incomprehensibly shy, so I'm sorry if I goof up or scream in terror if you try to talk to me.
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    Hiii, I am nihara the ni, a bunny who came from a snowy town to kokoro but in reallity is a dude from brazil, which is a pretty hot place xD. Nihara is a blind bunny but I've been playing as a chibi ni instead lately, sadly she is too hyperactive to use a guide cane now xD, in any case heres some stuff that I like. Music in general as soon as it makes me happy Learning new skills Spinning pens, staffs and books Roller skating Making random 3D models Sculpting human anatomy Right now i am trying to improve my sculpture skills to become a character sculptor artist, wish me luck! Maybe some day ni might be able to teach people how to sculpt at kokoro too. Here is one of my past anatomy studies. Ni is very friendly so fell free to talk to me ♥
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    we should organize a mask party sometime, remember to make a bunny one x3
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