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    Beautiful photography Mattward~ 🤩 Thank you for taking pictures, I have a couple too that Jonx and Taru and I took. ✨
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    Don't know if this is the best subforum for this; feel free to move it or whatever! I took a photo of Becky's last spooky event. Extras here! (if it works, thanks imgur)
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    Occult Club Do you wish to seek out the dark forces and join their hellish crusade? Well, now you can. The Occult Club offers a space for people interested in all things spooky to come together and discuss supernatural phenomena, true crime, mysteries, witchcraft, etc. Weekly meetings will be held to explore themes and studies related to the occult, we will also hold club events such as practicing alchemy, summoning demons and telling spooky ghost stories around a campfire. The High Priestess's Availability: Weekends between 4 AM and 12 PM SLT Weekdays between 12 PM to 2 PM SLT These are the general times I would be available to hold regular meetups/events for the club. If you would like to join the Occult Club, please leave a reply below with your general SLT availability. Any ideas or questions for the Occult Club are welcomed! Stay Spooky Y'all.
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    This club has been approved, and is now recruiting members. If you would like to sign up, please register your interest below and provide your general availability in SLT.
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    Take me, take me, take me! 😆 General Availability: Weekends between 4 AM and 12 PM SLT Weekdays between 12 PM to 2 PM SLT (may be subject to change if I have a lot of college work, etc.)
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    Hey I'm Nyano! I've been a visitor of Kokoro Academy for awhile now. It's so nice to see that it has come so far! I look forward to connecting with all of you again as it has been awhile. ❤️
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    Welcome back fellow neko! 💕
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    Sign me up for the sp00ks too, available most days 8 AM SLT + or before.
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    Yes. Very yes. My availability is all over the place, but I tend to log on from 12pm-3pm SLT (8pm-1am GMT+0). I can try to log in earlier for club meetings though.
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    Sign me up bitch ❤️ Most every days, usually 5pm irl onwards~
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    This club has been approved, and is now recruiting members. If you would like to sign up, please register your interest below and provide your general availability in SLT.
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    ____ starting line. katie-kat. (chiius) AKANE MAEKAWA ♀ // ⚢ // ISFJ the basics. She's a delinquent, through and through--rugged, bitten-up ears, a bandage tightly hugging her tail, and an eye patch that may or may not just be for show. That, along with the barbed bat she keeps with her at all times, does the job of repelling people just fine. digging deeper. Those who actually have the balls to approach Akane will find that a conversation with her is like talking to a brick wall. She's blunt, monotone, and, chances are, she just doesn't wanna talk to you. Personality-wise, she's stoic and mentally strong, if a bit insensitive. Growing up as an alley cat, she's learned to make plenty of enemies, but not much on the friends side. Even if she's made close relationships, she's emotionally distant and struggles to find the right words or the right emotions. She's still learning, but it'll be a while before a genuine smile pops up on her face... One without bared teeth, that is. She enjoys spending her free time loitering, vaping in the school bathrooms, and breaking the school dress code on a daily basis. Oh, and cooking, she's just not the best at it. Even with that rebellious heart, the mandatory ways of money will sway anyone, one way or another. In order to buy the latest bloodstained fashion, she works at a cat cafe. y'know, whenever that starts up. ____
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    sign me the FUCK up 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit Everyday, usually after 5pm irl but I can adjust, just let me know
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    Club Proposal Form Club name Creators Club Activities We would be making stuff and learning together Each member will have their own project We'll work together and learn as we go! Frequency We'll formally meet together once a week, for two hours We could have extra informal meets for members who are into it. Organiser's General Availability I am able to organise regular meet ups on the following days/times: Tuesday and Fridays between 9am SLT and 2pm SLT Saturday and Sundays between 1am SLT and 2pm SLT
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    Eastern Standard Time ( EST ) Again I'll state my time is very flexible so I can be available around other timezones and such. 🙂
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    Everyone, you must provide general availability in SLT to join the club. I am aware that life is unpredictable, but we still need to know general availability, espescially when you all have different timezones. Please provide your timezones.
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    Welp, We have achieved minimum member requirements! Thank you everyone for joining! I hope y'all enjoy my lil' occult club and I shall try my best! I will begin organizing the first event, and sorting out official Kokoro club stuff, I will update you all whenever progress is made! Doot doot-let's get spooky!
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    Sounds like fun I will be happy to join when I am online, my times may vary so I don't have a set time to be online.
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    oo neat ~ i wanna join Im vary flexible ^-^ I'm free between 9AM SLT - 3PM SLT (4 at a push)
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    Welcome to the club fellow spooky ghoul! 🥀 3 more members to go before we're an official Kokoro club! 😄✨
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    Ooo sounds fun~ I'd like to join. And atm my time is flexible to attend most events.
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    Hello i am a lazy cat
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    Ever wanted to run your very own school club? Well, now you can! We are now accepting club proposals: About Clubs How to start a Club ~ Ai
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    Notes This is the first club proposal at Kokoro, it is an example of how a club is started. Read more here if you're interested in starting a club. When you first create a thread in the proposals section, it will be approved by a moderator, and then appear here in the Club Proposals section. Once approved, you'll be notified that it's time to start recruiting members. A moderator will then write something along the lines of:- This club has been approved, and is now recruiting members. If you would like to sign up, please register your interest below and provide your general availability in SLT. (For real, this club really is now recruiting members. We're allowed to recruit a total of 8 members. It's first come, first served, so sign up below!)
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    Starting a Club Initiate a club proposal: Fill out the club proposal form and post it in the Proposals section Your proposal will be reviewed, you will be informed in case any changes are necessary. Once accepted, the club will enter a two week recruitment period. During this time, applicants must each reply to the proposal supplying their general availability in SLT. No further action is required during this period, although it is suggested to go look for club members and get them to sign up! Decide on meeting times and location You will be asked to decide on meeting times in SLT for your club, along with the location. A successful club proposal will have a minimum of 4 members (excluding the organiser) who are able to attend the club meetings. Clubs may have a maximum of 8 members (excluding the organiser) All recruited club members must have an availability that falls in the proposed meeting time for the club Opening your club A public and private forum area will be created for your club You must maintain a list of members in the public area and inform your club sponsor in the event of new members The public area may be used for people to ask about your club, or to provide any information/news/events The private area is for any private club member discussions and is not visible to non-club members You may make posters for your club, they may be applied to hallway noticeboards and classroom noticeboards (You must use Kokoro's supplied mesh paper, prim posters will be returned!) Get ready for your first meet! Have fun! Club Proposal Form Copy and fill out the below into a new thread in the proposals section Club name Supply a club name that briefly summarizes what your club would be about Activities What activities would members be taking part in, by joining the club? Frequency How frequently would club activities occur? Organiser's General Availability Describe your general week-by-week Monday to Sunday availability in SLT
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    Basically what Becky said, but here's my take: First point: 2 members and 1 organiser minimum: easy numbers to achieve, shows people are interested in the idea At least 1 meeting a month or bi-monthly. Events could be optional because they take a lot of planning. Second point: Not sure what you mean by themes? I think having a focus is important: e.g. sport, gaming, spellcraft, etc. Without a focus, meet-ups could get disorganised/chaotic Goals could be optional- no harm in having a club just for talking. Optional goals could be to win tournaments, hold monthly contests/collabs, Becky's suggestions etc. Third point: Monthly or bi-monthly checks. Clubs could be considered inactive if there are <2 people actively visiting Kokoro that month and/or there were no meetings since the last check. Exceptions could be made if the organiser(s) post a notice on the forums.
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    I would say a club would have to: Have three or more people, who agree to participate and be active within it. Have an account on the Kokoro forums. Determine the club objectives (IE: Spooky club that performs exorcisms? Book club? Raise awareness for a cause? etc.). Organize a meeting location within Kokoro grounds, and a time (Maybe make an agenda/timetable and post to the forums). I think there should be minimum members (as I wouldn't define a club as a duo), probably an event frequency (all participants agreeing on a frequency of meetings or social events, etc.). I think there should be club themes, I'm not too sure on goals. It would have to depend on what type of club it is, like as an example, a gaming club's goal may only be to play games every week, while a fundraising club would be to raise awareness/raise funds for a cause. Annnd I think it would be a good idea to check up on clubs to see if they're still active, see what they're doing, etc. No Deado Academy clubs! Another thing I think that would be a cool concept is for clubs to be able to make flyers/posters and be able to put them up on notice boards, or maybe have a pop-up recruitment stand for their club. Maybe have their own Discord channel, own forum thread, be able to hold events where they showcase what they do and whatnot. A creative element would be fun, instead of just static meet-up, chat and repeat. 😄
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    Ladies and gentlemen, hello everyone! In fact, I am very lazy, most of the time an introvert. Sometimes I become sociable (from low to high degree). Sometimes I’m not in place, or I don’t read the general chat if I’m watching a series or a movie in parallel. No, I'm not a bot. To be honest - I don't remember how I found this academy. But from time to time I visit this place. For communication, I sometimes use a translator. Sometimes I can write without a translator, but it is far from always clear. You can call me Kenny (not a Kennie or something like it). 🐌 I'm not so old and not so young in real life. Education: graphic designer. Facts about me: Lazy Silent a lot of my time My character is adult AFK (this is a reason why i don't say "hi") If you noticed my avatar on other location (sandbox) it's mean i'm busy and at the "Do not disturb" mode. It's a creation time! I don’t need to get attached. In other words, you do not need to count on a serious or any other love relationship with me. We can become friends. I'm from Ukraine (we are not part of any other country). However, I don't make skins or 3D models at the request of a friend (i'm useless for your own purposes). Lucid dreaming Movies and serials. Skills: Digital art (i don't do art-trades, gifts and anything else, i do it for fun). 3D static models (almost anything) with textures. Therefore, if you notice me at Kokoro location, if you wish, you can say "hi". But if I do not answer, you should not be offended. Perhaps I eat, sleep, work with something, or watch movies with TV shows.
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    Hope nobody minds if I drop my Kokoro-related doodles here? I really enjoy drawing you guys haha
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    Hi hi! My Name is Koeshy. I'm a little bunny. I would like to make a lot of friends, actually im learning english, if I make a mistake, please be free to correct me. About me: ❤ Im from Venezuela but i live in Colombia. ❤ My firts lenguage is spanish. ❤ I like all kawaii stuff. ❤ I like the anime. ❤ I like sweet food, desserts, cake, and the chocolate. ❤ In SL I like to collect animations, hairs and dances. Thanks for reading and nice to meet you ^^
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    Hi Koeshy! Welcome to Kokoro 🙂 Wonder if we should do anime nights..?
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    So what is everyone watching at the moment? Any recommendations for shows new or old? Doesn't have to be anime, anything goes!
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    Changing Course Traditionally, all work at Kokoro has focused entirely on the build of the sim, community activity and engagement has always been a twinkle in our eyes far off in the distance. This is changing, we are going to gradually open up our doors to more community engagement. We've already started with our new forum which will act as a platform for this movement. Work on the school build will still be going forward in the mean-time, there is a still a lot of work to do on the school and we've got an entire town to build still. What's the plan, Captain? Get Kokoro to achieve at least 2 of 3 of it's stated goals for it's visitors (Hangout and make new friends, Roleplay, Learn new Skills) by the end of 2020. Remainder of 2019 Roleplay: Establishment of protocol for creating/managing events. Design and creation of our roleplaying system Published Sim Rules / Dress Code Community: Get a whole lot more people introduced to our forum so we can start engaging with more people! Build: Mesh decorations for music room Male Uniform for Kuroo / Avatar 2.0 Cafeteria Building 2020 - Check back later! I'll post about 2020 later on, it's late!
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