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    No more missed connections We've developed a new notification system! You will automatically receive an in-world message when you receive a notification on our forum. Get the attention of others You can generate notifications for others in many ways: @'ing them in. Hey @niharanini you reading this? Quoting them in a topic Sending them a private message Writing on their wall You can also subscribe to threads, or sections of the forum and receive notifications on those too! That's all! Hope you like the new notifications feature~ ~Ai
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    Hey @niharanini come back here!
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    Maple trees~ They nyare very green! (ミዕᆽዕミ)
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    Hello everyone, nice to meet all of you. In real life, I am a mangaka, storywriter, and game designer. I hope I can get along well with all of you despite our physical distance and differences. Languages I can speak are English, some Chinese, and some Japanese.
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    Hello there, i follow the porogress of this group from long, always hopping to see it active soon, the school looks really nice. I am tipping from Italiy, near Venice.
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    Hello Sonia, welcome to Kokoro Hope to see you soon 🙂
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    Hii! I'm Nasa. I saw the SIM and totally fell in love with it. I hope I can join soon. I need help making my anime av so please help me ><. Thanks o/
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    I have a great idea for the Kokoro Academy. The field trip to any places in SL. via Destination Guides/User Requested places you can explore the weird places around SL by Student Groups. using Vehicles like Aircrafts,Bus,Ship and Train. using SL's Available Transportation Infrastructures like Highway,Railway,Waterway and Airways. you can request the charters flight via SL Charters pilot to do the Chartered field trip flight by Kokoro Teachers and Students for good. to learn and explore these never been before place in SL!.
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    Seiiki (the town island) has a helipad which is going to be the area where visitors arrive on Kokoro's islands for the first time. I've been considering having a sort of Airport terminal style area that first time visitors to the sim spawn. It would sort of be an out of character area where people can be briefed on visiting Kokoro, perhaps with an anime shop area that people could set up their first avatar and then board an in-character flight to get to Seiiki. The area could be an opportunity to 'connect' Kokoro to other sims in SL.
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    I have been continually impressed by the detail I see. I believe you to be a perfectionist and because of that I would like to offer my eyes and clicks to find anomalies. I have noticed a few but with the sim under construction I am not sure what is "complete".
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    I like the idea of field trips! So long as the regions are alright with a sudden influx of enthusiastic roleplaying weebs and trips are not used for advertisement! 🙂 I imagine we'd probably use our own system for organizing it though. Would make it more immersive and less likely to get abused.
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