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    As Becky has stated she no longer wishes to participate at Kokoro, regrettably this club is without a leader and is no longer active. The club will retain its section on the forum for a grace period of 3 weeks until January 3rd 2020. In the event that Becky changes her mind, the club can continue. Due to the nature of how this club is closing, I am not going to open it up to other people taking it over unless Becky indicates that she wishes for that to happen. ~ Ai
  2. Just a reminder that replies to this topic that are not questions regarding adult content will be cleared at the end of the week on Sunday. Becky; I understand that you are at odds with this policy. Just know that this isn't a personal thing; the information presented here is "Just the facts, ma'am". I and many others are saddened to see that you intend to leave, we did enjoy seeing you and I have no doubt that many of our guests will miss having you around. Whilst it may seem that I am being cold, viewed from my eyes, there are always going to be people who disagree with policy no matter what it is. Whilst I will try to accommodate people as best I can, I felt that the standards and expectations you wanted to set for me would ultimately make what is essentially my hobby into something too serious and unenjoyable for me. The new year is coming, and I prefer to remember guests who choose to leave for their merits rather than the times we quarreled, so lets end the chapter. I know it's unfortunate that it ends this way. I hope you will find a place that better aligns with your expectations, know that you remain welcome at Kokoro regardless.
  3. Understand that whilst I generally want and encourage people to participate in the sim and engage in discussion, it is on the basis of good-will that I create and provide a platform for discussion and it is in no way an entitlement. Likewise, being the owner of the sim, whilst I generally like to hear people's opinions, ultimately decisions about how the sim is managed are mine to make.
  4. This topic is not for debating whether or not you like the status quo, it is simply stating what it is and has always been. We're not currently open to debate on changing the adult nature of Kokoro and it is not being considered at this time. I'll be clearing this topic of most posts at the end of the week as I do not feel it is nice reading for a new member being mostly personal quarrels and beliefs, which is not the purpose of this thread.
  5. This seems like an interesting take on events. I seem to recall there being quite the spectacle that led to people defending themselves. This is not RL. This is a fantasy anime sim in SecondLife. An adult rated one. Heck yea! I do pick and choose. Some guests turn up and the first thing they do is ask about sex. I do not encourage people unless I think they are acting in good faith and aren't going to harm the sim.
  6. Would you mind expanding on this? I think our students are dignified because they are intelligent, they care about each other and achieve great things. I do not think we should judge people's dignity on whether they do adult things in an adult game I created Kokoro with the intent of making an adult sim that accepts people for who they are. We're adults who do not want to hang out in yet another sex sim. We don't want to be pushed into a little corner, this is our sim.
  7. Read this topic to answer any questions you might have regarding adult content You may encounter adult content at Kokoro Academy Kokoro Academy is an Adult (A) listed sim in SecondLife. It is only possible to access our sim by registering your SecondLife account as being 18 and over and opting into adult content by enabling it in your viewer preferences. The Adult Rating is also displayed in search results and in the region's title bar, and on the world map. Keeping the above in mind, you can reasonably expect that you may encounter adult content including but not limited to themes of sex and violence in our region. It is advised that you visit Kokoro Academy only if you tolerate this content. With that said, in general, most topics and themes at Kokoro are not adult in nature and in fact we do not want visitors who are here just for sex. We have many guests and friends who are not interested in adult topics and usually when we are made aware we will usually endeavor to be considerate of them and expect the same of our guests. Questions? If you have any further queries feel free to leave them below!
  8. So, it seems that streaming works for some and not for others. There are some things that I would like to try, that involve changing how the server gets data from OBS For now I will leave the service running so those who it does work for can use it. I'll work on a new screen in 1-B with some changes and we'll see what happens Thanks for testing everyone ^^
  9. Hello everyone! I am pleased to announce that new Live-Streaming functionality is now in Open Beta. Everyone is welcome to come test the functionality. With our screen you can:- Share what you're up to with others Host lessons with videos Have movie nights! How to stream to the screen (3 minutes) Setup OBS Studio Download and install OBS Studio Download and extract our Stream Profile on your computer In OBS Studio, Import the Kokoro Academy - Classroom 1-A profile by going to Profile > Import in the top menu and choosing the extracted folder. Start the server Go to Classroom 1-A in-world (First floor, left of main entrance) Pull down the screen, and select 'Stream' Wait for the screen to indicate the server has started. Stream using the imported profile In OBS Studio, select the Streaming Profile you imported (Profile -> Kokoro Academy - Class 1-A) Ensure that you see an image and not a black square in OBS. You may need to set up a Display Source or use the 32bit version if no image. Click Start Streaming. You will see a green light when you are live. That's it! Enjoy streaming to the screen! This feature is still being tested. Let me know your experiences with it!
  10. Hello Alex~ It was nice meeting you before the other day, hope to see you again soon!
  11. Hello Katrina What product did you find?
  12. Hello Macrina! Welcome to Kokoro, thanks for helping with the building :3
  13. I'll join 🙂 Tuesday and Fridays from 9am to 2pm SLT Saturdays 1am to 2pm SLT Sundays 1am to 6am SLT, 9am to 2pm SLT
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