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  1. Hello everyone captain speakin' Well, I'm growing up, I am going to be moving into my first apartment soon over the next few weeks, during this time I may be less active than normal here on SL until I am all set up again, but I'll still be on with my mobile! For the time being I've turned sim rez off except for group and turned the group invite only, but the sim remains open to visit, you can also IM Nihara nini if you need an admin. Just letting you know! Hope everyone is doing well and I'll see you on the other side ~ Ai
  2. No more missed connections We've developed a new notification system! You will automatically receive an in-world message when you receive a notification on our forum. Get the attention of others You can generate notifications for others in many ways: @'ing them in. Hey @niharanini you reading this? Quoting them in a topic Sending them a private message Writing on their wall You can also subscribe to threads, or sections of the forum and receive notifications on those too! That's all! Hope you like the new notifications feature~ ~Ai
  3. Hey @niharanini come back here!
  4. @niharanini this will probably cause an IM to be sent to you inworld
  5. About Seiiki Seiiki is the town where students and staff of Kokoro reside. You'll meet many people in Seiiki's bars and clubs, and bathe and unwind in its natural hotsprings. Climb up through the bamboo forest and you'll be able to connect with Kokoro's many spirits at our Shinto Shrine. A nod to the past Seiiki is Japanese for Sanctuary. Kokoro Academy was originally a small parcel neighboring Kokoro Sanctuary. It was a small anime community floating in the sky where people lived and hung out together~ So what's new? After a long time, we've started to mesh Seiiki! Before:- After We'll soon be meshing many parts of Seiiki and decorating it to look nice. We're also developing new trees that should bring about that 'Anime Opening' spring feeling! Some pictures of planned areas as they are now:- We plan to have a river flowing here. We're standing at the new planned spawn (A helipad) where visitors to Kokoro are flown in for the first time~ This building will one day be meshed and host our hotsprings! It was designed by Macrina Crescendo. Further up the path you'll find the bars and clubs of Seiiki, along with a small convenience store. You'll also walk through here to get to our Shrine and the Cable car station! One of our town's buildings is already meshed! It was made by Minny! (Textures pending) There are many other areas of the town to discover, but I'll post about those later as we work on them more 🙂 You can travel between Seiiki and Kokoro Academy by using our Cable Car. One line is in service of a planned two at this time. That's all for now! ♥
  6. Thank you 🤗 There are definitely a lot of bugs and imperfections around the school. Many parts of the Sim date back to 2014 when I was learning to create mesh and script. I do try to keep track and keep a list, but I definitely can forget and miss things so it can't hurt to point them out if you think they've been forgotten 🙂
  7. Hello traehkrad Sorry for not replying sooner, I should do my job better! Hope to see you in-world sometime 🙂
  8. extrude.ragu


    Hello Sonia, welcome to Kokoro Hope to see you soon 🙂
  9. Hello Nasa welcome to Kokoro 🙂 Swing by some time and I'm sure we can help you set up an anime avatar~
  10. Seiiki (the town island) has a helipad which is going to be the area where visitors arrive on Kokoro's islands for the first time. I've been considering having a sort of Airport terminal style area that first time visitors to the sim spawn. It would sort of be an out of character area where people can be briefed on visiting Kokoro, perhaps with an anime shop area that people could set up their first avatar and then board an in-character flight to get to Seiiki. The area could be an opportunity to 'connect' Kokoro to other sims in SL.
  11. Hello everyone, are you doing well? I am just writing to let everyone know that I am particularly busy this month, there is a lot going on. I am in the process of buying my first home in real life and soon I will probably have to start the moving process. Me and Ni have also been busy making new products that should help keep the school funded for a long time. There's a lot of things I'd like to do for the school this year. I'd like to make some headway on the town mesh, and get creators club up and running! I know that some people have been wanting help making their clubs and groups too. Well, that's all for now. Just indicating I'm alive! ~ Ai
  12. Hello Nyanka! Welcome to Kokoro. Hope to see you soon ^^
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