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  1. Hi Koeshy! Welcome to Kokoro 🙂 Wonder if we should do anime nights..?
  2. Working on the Gazebo between the tennis courts and the Baseball field. A nice shaded place to sit on a hot summers day, especially after a round of tennis!
  3. Find updates about my ongoing work at Kokoro here. Comments are of course welcome!
  4. A new Development section has been added to the forum. This area is for creators who are creating 3d models/assets for Kokoro to post their work. Note: Topics are per creator, not per creation. Everyone is welcomed to comment on developments as they're posted!
  5. Personally, I'm not entirely sure what the picture should look like. I feel like there should be a journey, and being a student should mean something and come with some level of esteem, a sense of duty and belonging, but other than that I am fuzzy on the details! What prerequisites would you expect to become an official student at Kokoro? What do you think it should mean to be an official student at Kokoro? I'd like to hear!
  6. My music tastes are pretty weeby Ni-ni makes fun of me for it, but I love Nanahira for her energy! I do like some jazzy stuff: I do like some older music, I'm a fan of Tatsuro Yamashita
  7. Fire force has been pretty cool~
  8. Changing Course Traditionally, all work at Kokoro has focused entirely on the build of the sim, community activity and engagement has always been a twinkle in our eyes far off in the distance. This is changing, we are going to gradually open up our doors to more community engagement. We've already started with our new forum which will act as a platform for this movement. Work on the school build will still be going forward in the mean-time, there is a still a lot of work to do on the school and we've got an entire town to build still. What's the plan, Captain? Get Kokoro to achieve at least 2 of 3 of it's stated goals for it's visitors (Hangout and make new friends, Roleplay, Learn new Skills) by the end of 2020. Remainder of 2019 Roleplay: Establishment of protocol for creating/managing events. Design and creation of our roleplaying system Published Sim Rules / Dress Code Community: Get a whole lot more people introduced to our forum so we can start engaging with more people! Build: Mesh decorations for music room Male Uniform for Kuroo / Avatar 2.0 Cafeteria Building 2020 - Check back later! I'll post about 2020 later on, it's late!
  9. These are super cute! I want more!
  10. Hey! Welcome to Kokoro~ We'll have to work on that mascot costume some time! ~ Ai
  11. Welcome Becky :3 What does your ghost kitty look like?
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