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    I've been trying to get back into the groove of drawing stuff, so I decided to draw some of your avatars! I hope you all like them. I drew everyone I saw early this afternoon, so if you're not there, it's nothing personal! Left to right: Ai, Jinx, Ni, Taru, Twi, Becky Individual files
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    Hi! I'm Squidwardonachair, or Matthew. Neon introduced me to this place and it seems like a nice place to hang around in! I'm a freelancing artist and epic gamer squid in their early 20s. My aspiration in life is to be the guy who wears the mascot costume. Preferably Squidward. I'm also very new to SL and incomprehensibly shy, so I'm sorry if I goof up or scream in terror if you try to talk to me.
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    ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇ ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇ R O Y A L L Y J I N X E D ⇪X⇪X⇪ YOUR X RESIDENT X SENPAI X AND X MANEKI ▇ NAME My username is royallyjinxed resident! However, most call me Jinx! Kōichi is my character’s name, but I rarely go by it. However, I wouldn’t give ya a funny look for calling me that. Of course, senpai is also acceptable uwu ▇ ABOUT · If it wasn’t obvious, I’m ♀ irl! Nov ’96 is when the world was blessed with me. · 90% of what comes out of my mouth is a joke or reference. Specializing in vintage memes. · Extremely prone to laughing fits. Voice channel users beware! · I love to read and write! Spend a great deal of time doing it when my life isn’t consumed by ffxiv. · I love to meet and talk to new people! I’m very friendly usually so don’t worry about just coming up to talk to me, I’ll usually answer if I’m not afk! · I’m a university student working on my masters at the moment. · I LOVE DOGS. · I LOVE CATS. · SHOW ME YOUR PET. ESPECIALLY IF THEY'RE CHONKY. · Chinese food always acceptable bribe. · I’m extra in most things I do. · I’m like a grandpa when it comes to anecdotes! · I love swimming. · Korean drama is my shit and I’m always down for a movie night, hmu whenever. · I’m like a sloth and spend 90% of my life sleeping. ▇ EXTRA Lovely to meet everyone new and lovely to know everyone old! I look forward to the time we spend together and the memories we make in this godforsaken hellhole of a game. ⇩X⇩X⇩ ★ ☆ ★
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    Good evening, I'm Becky! 👻 I'm fairly quiet and suck at keeping conversations going, but I'm willing to make friends around Kokoro! 😋 🧛‍♀️ Some Becky Facts: I'm a 19 year old Irish college student (studying multimedia). I adore forensics, horror, ghouls...anything spooky or weird really. 🎃 I watch mostly- American Horror Story (Hotel, Coven & Asylum are my favourites) Forensic Files 💉 Buzzfeed Unsolved I listen to mostly- nu-metal (Slipknot, Korn, Mushroomhead, etc.) rock (AC/DC, Metallica, etc.) and shamefully emo-rap too (Lil Peep, X, Scarlxrd & Ghostmane) I adore animals with all my heart (I own 1 hamster, 1 kitty and 1 ghost kitty) 🐱😍 If you see me around, don't hesitate to talking to me! Just bear with me as my laptop is rather slow~ y'all might see me glitching into some walls. 😄
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    Hiii, I am nihara the ni, a bunny who came from a snowy town to kokoro but in reallity is a dude from brazil, which is a pretty hot place xD. Nihara is a blind bunny but I've been playing as a chibi ni instead lately, sadly she is too hyperactive to use a guide cane now xD, in any case heres some stuff that I like. Music in general as soon as it makes me happy Learning new skills Spinning pens, staffs and books Roller skating Making random 3D models Sculpting human anatomy Right now i am trying to improve my sculpture skills to become a character sculptor artist, wish me luck! Maybe some day ni might be able to teach people how to sculpt at kokoro too. Here is one of my past anatomy studies. Ni is very friendly so fell free to talk to me ♥
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    Thank you guys! I'm so happy you like them. ❤️
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    Hey! I'm the nerdy one who writes the code and makes a lot of the 3D stuff at Kokoro! Obviously I have a love of anime, given what I make, but here are some other things about me:- I like creating things! I'm a software engineer and I can reach ~100 Words per minute! 🔥 I'm actually a dude, and I live in London! I look forward to making friends with you~ ~ Ai
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    Hey everyone! I'm Twi. I'm gonna introduce my self a lil bit for those who'll see me around Kokoro Academy, I'm there quite a bit. I'm way into masks and you'll never see me without one. If you're wondering who the weirdo being quiet in the corner is, its probably me. If you have a mask, I'll want to talk to you. I'm slowly but surely making a mask store and I'll open up eventually. I like to hide my face, but I'm not particularly shy. Just in groups or crowds. I love gaming. Favorite game of all time is Ocarina of Time. I love Nintendo but I drift between platforms. Really can't wait for the Breath of the Wild sequel! I also love art! I draw digitally but I've been delving a bit into 3D modeling, making masks and stuff. I don't really share my stuff. Like everyone else who is here, I'm very excited for Kokoro Academy and its amazing to see the new projects come to life every day. If you see me around, say hi! I wanna make friends here 😛 A bit of RL stuff, I'm still pretty new to SL, so if I don't understand something, I'm sorry XD Be patient with me. Thanks for reading!
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    If you ever need help with English Ni, don't hesitate to ask! I'll try. I know Ni loves under the stairs. That's where I met her 😛 That's as good as a reason as any to love a fountain.. It is super pretty already. I love those too! Any room in Kokoro could be a sim itself. I can't wait for the town to be done.
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    Wow this is aweosme! Love it my man. Great job 😛 See if we can get the guys to put it in the art room!
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    Ohhh my gaaaah! I'm flattered. How beautiffuuul! 😍 You forgot to draw you! Silly!
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    For sure! YASSS CHONKY CHONKY FATCAT LOVES. All yours babbu! 😍
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    Oh lawd Jinx Kōchi senpai, you made a very aesthetically pleasing arrival. What's your favourite books? 😄 Ps: Here's some chonky fatto catto pics.
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    ( `w´ ) Thyis one is 110% spidur... ( ) Shhh... fatto catto. But seriously, yes it's the best lucky cat you will ever find, just make sure to move yo' ass aside, cause this senpai is mine!! 😄
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    Very trains.... ( `w´) is some kind of spidur?
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    Welcome to Kokoro! ( `w´) Myask... o o... I knyow of this one, but this is different.
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    I've been writing a bit lately, so I'm really looking forward to the classes and just RP'ing in general! I also can't wait to see the sim finished- Kokoro is already so pretty; it'll probably look amazing when it's all done. My favourite place is the fountain because I can pretend to be a fish in it.
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    Ni loves to hide under the library stairs xD, as for what i am looking forward to... well improving my english would be great, ni wants to meet new people, make friends and hopefully learn / teach new skills in general.
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    You'll definitely have to teach me some of those sweet sculpting skillz for sure Ni. Really cool model!
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    I will certainly need help with those things, thank you fro the offer! Definitely will! XD Thanks for the idea Ni
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    we should organize a mask party sometime, remember to make a bunny one x3
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    ~Just a normal kitty but as a ghost-my kitty passed away over Christmas so she's upgraded to a spooky ghost body~ 👻❤️ Living kitty: A beautiful big-eared, half-blind, sort of smooshed face kitty! Ghost Kitty (Twi drew it~she says it's a WIP): A beautiful big-eared, half-blind, sort of smooshed face kitty~but with an eye patch.
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    Post status updates on your profile by enabling status updates. Go to your profile page Select Edit Profile Check Enable Status Updates Happy Posting~ You can visit profiles and follow users too!
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    Registration Instructions Login to SecondLife with your SecondLife account Visit Kokoro Academy in-world Click 'Get Login' button on our noticeboard
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    If you're interested in teaching at Kokoro (real skills or roleplay), we'd like to know! Please register your interest by replying below, tell us about what you'd like to teach and how you'd like to teach it, if there are any special requirements (even things that Kokoro doesn't yet have), and any other information you think would be useful 👍
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    Just a note that email notifications are not yet implemented properly. I'll have it working over the coming weeks. Considering adding notifications via Instant Message later..?
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    Welcome to Kokoro Academy's forum. We hope you enjoy your time with us! Please introduce yourself by posting a new thread in this section. ~ Kokoro Academy
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    To all that are excited by Kokoro! I'm curious 😛 What is everyone most excited about when it comes to Kokoro? What do you plan on getting up to? I'm excited just to be along for everything. Almost every time I come back (Which is daily), there is a new project or something else that improves the academy in some way. I'm also excited to make some friends. There is going to be a ton of people at Kokoro and that scares me a little, but in a good way! Also, if you have been around Kokoro, what is your favorite hangout spot? Mine right now is either the library or the bridge! To summarize! What is everyone excited about and what kinda classes are you hoping for? I know I want some 3D modeling lessons for sure! Thanks for reading 😄
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    That's the cutest thing I've ever seen in my fucking life AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
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    Welcome to Kokoro! ( `w´) is spidur?
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    Nyes, long live the sculpt. ( `w´)
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    I neeeeeeeed for Ai to bestow her programming skills onto me. Or anything skills really. pls. 😅
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    Hey! Welcome to Kokoro~ We'll have to work on that mascot costume some time! ~ Ai
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    Welcome Becky :3 What does your ghost kitty look like?
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    Welcome to Kokoro~ I look forward to seeing all of your masks 👹 Let me know if you need any help with modelling or scripting!
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    About Kokoro Academy We are an anime themed roleplay community based in the virtual world SecondLife Our Goals We aim to deliver a fun and immersive environment where you can Hangout and make new friends Roleplay Learn new skills All in an anime inspired fantasy school setting! Our Standards We aim to provide a worthwhile experience, emphasizing quality over quantity in our environment, roleplay and teaching. New visitors are welcomed to visit, say 'Hi!' and look around freely, however, we do have rules and a dress code for avatars (No link yet, check back later) that we ask our regulars to keep to when on campus. Come Visit Us! To visit Kokoro Academy, you must be 18+ and need a SecondLife account Get to us in-world by pasting the below SLURL(?) into your SecondLife Viewer's Address Bar. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kings%20Ranch/140/108/3711 Tip: Find us again more easily by saving a landmark to your inventory when you visit!
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    Nowhere yet! I'm still working on it 🙂
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    That's fair! Thanks for the quick response!
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    Welcome! Me and Ni have discussed this before, our general feelings are like this: It's something we're considering, but it's not a priority. Our priority is to have male and female uniforms for anime bodies. We want to support the creators in the anime community first and foremost. That doesn't mean we're excluding the Maitreya, I certainly recognize the popularity it has gained among the community and can see the demand to make a version for it
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    How much de-deDODDATED WAYUM I should have fur duh survur!?
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    The old Tumblr can be accessed at http://kokoro-academy.tumblr.com It is for archival purposes only and is not being maintained.
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    What's changing? The URL https://kokoro.academy will soon lead to our new forum instead of the School's Tumblr Blog. What will happen to the old Tumblr? When the transition is complete, our Tumblr will be accessible via a new URL which will be posted here once the transition is complete. We'll no longer be posting to the Tumblr, and instead be posting to our forum which opens up the possibility to engage and discuss news and development at Kokoro.
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    Welcome to Kokoro's new forum! I'm still working on this, but I hope you like it~
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