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  1. I have a great idea for the Kokoro Academy. The field trip to any places in SL. via Destination Guides/User Requested places you can explore the weird places around SL by Student Groups. using Vehicles like Aircrafts,Bus,Ship and Train. using SL's Available Transportation Infrastructures like Highway,Railway,Waterway and Airways. you can request the charters flight via SL Charters pilot to do the Chartered field trip flight by Kokoro Teachers and Students for good. to learn and explore these never been before place in SL!.
  2. Hey Everyone have you ever know the GTFO Things. It's GetTheFreightOut! Freight game for everyone! for more information please visit https://sl-gtfo.com/ and you can visit the gtfo main hq at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bruissac/97/56/36 I'll do my best to invite those anime userbase to play the gtfo game. thank you!
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