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  1. Hai everyone! My name IGN here is Sana Keiko but I've gone by Mia since forever now. In second life, I'm a cuddly soft pink bunny girl that's generally just hanging out with friends and being unproductive. I don't honestly like talking about first life much given SL is definitely some escapism from that for me, but here's some random things about me. I enjoy roleplay which is partially what brings me here; adult oriented or not honestly. Themes are fun and school setting is nice! I only like nice people and I treat everyone kindly until given reason not to. I'm a huge introvert and holding conversation especially out of the blue is hard sometimes, especially if I don't know you. You should just headpat me please. I enjoy art, animu, food, sleeping, gaming. Someday I'd like to get into more creative things here in SL too if I can make time for. My tastes in music vary from alternative rock and metal to jpop/kpop, and most electronic music in general from nightcore to ebm/industrial. I don't own any pets, but have a cute animu kitty anyway!
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