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  1. OK SO I WAS GONNA ADD MORE BUT i guess i accidentally pressed enter and sent it and idk how to edit my posts so whatever here u go
  2. chiius


    ____ starting line. katie-kat. (chiius) AKANE MAEKAWA ♀ // ⚢ // ISFJ the basics. She's a delinquent, through and through--rugged, bitten-up ears, a bandage tightly hugging her tail, and an eye patch that may or may not just be for show. That, along with the barbed bat she keeps with her at all times, does the job of repelling people just fine. digging deeper. Those who actually have the balls to approach Akane will find that a conversation with her is like talking to a brick wall. She's blunt, monotone, and, chances are, she just doesn't wanna talk to you. Personality-wise, she's stoic and mentally strong, if a bit insensitive. Growing up as an alley cat, she's learned to make plenty of enemies, but not much on the friends side. Even if she's made close relationships, she's emotionally distant and struggles to find the right words or the right emotions. She's still learning, but it'll be a while before a genuine smile pops up on her face... One without bared teeth, that is. She enjoys spending her free time loitering, vaping in the school bathrooms, and breaking the school dress code on a daily basis. Oh, and cooking, she's just not the best at it. Even with that rebellious heart, the mandatory ways of money will sway anyone, one way or another. In order to buy the latest bloodstained fashion, she works at a cat cafe. y'know, whenever that starts up. ____
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