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  1. lolalilacs


    Thank you! Yes, I love seeing so many people into anime and RP at the same time
  2. lolalilacs


    Thank you I'm happy to be here, and I can't wait for it to open 🙂
  3. lolalilacs


    Aww nice to meet you, yes I can't wait to meet everyone when it all starts!
  4. Oo alright, thank you! 😄
  5. Will the uniform for females also be fitted for the kemono fitted torso, for the busty one?
  6. Awesome I can't wait then! 😄
  7. lolalilacs


    My name is Lolalilacs, I've recently come back to Second Life after a 6 year hiatus. I'm ready to jump back into roleplay on here, and I'm surprised at the lack of Anime themed RP groups, this one has peeked my interest. I'm an artist that does commissions I love anime I love KPOP I love Marvel and I'm a smol bean Nice to meet you!
  8. Are neko's allowed to go to the academy? Since I have a neko girl I want to bring in 🙂
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