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Hello, I am Aona...?


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I figured I'd write this, I'm not exactly the most chatty person, and I've been told I'm not very aproachable. I can be pretty friendly, and nice. To contradict what I just said, I am also an extremely chatty person, I'm socially awkward, and pretty plainly weird. I am pretty self-focused, but you may find that I tend to put a lot of people before myself after certain conditions are met.

I'm here to try to meet new people, and hangout, hoping to connect and expand my social horizons, in hopefully likeminded individuals. I live under a rock, so I'm not well connected to memes, and I've been pretty much socially disconnected that I struggle to keep up with the world and the changing memes. I am also slow to understand, and may take time to comprehend things. I' try to be as patient, but I promise, if you interact with me, I am not at all thinking malicious, ill, or negative thoughts about anyone, such is a very rare thing. I am just awkward.

Heres a picture of me, my avatar; from my point of view. (Sometimes.)


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