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Hara's super awesome weird story thing


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*whispers* hey folks and welcome to my super adventure where i'm sneeking around to try to find the best sandwich or something

Day 1 so i snuck into the town to look for a sandwich shop but *DUN DUN DUN* the shops were all closed because it was night time, so i decided to go look in the train tunnel where i found some cable cars that go across to a school, i'm going to take a look around and who knows... maybe they have sandwiches

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day:2 so i snuck around the school and helped some friends to search when i bumped into someone else there i rushed to make up a story of why i was there, quickly i thought. oh hey there could you show me where the swimming place is *super smart hara had walked by a sign showing a swimming pool was nearby* to which the person replied of course follow me.

it wasn't far until we had reached the pool house where there was some kind on ninja training course setup, the person that had showed me the way then asked me to try my skills at it i gave it a good shot (although i was thinking tat this would set back my search for the great and awesome sandwich i was looking for) and with all my skills i manages to finish the course, the strange person then satisfied that i had shown my skills said goodbye and went on their way, of course it was too late to continue my search so i hid myself and slept in a pile of pool noodles

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Day: 3 after my sneaky sleep in the pool noodle pile i woke up with one goal in mind TO GET THAT SANDWICH! so after waking i thought i would check out the main building because i heard there was a cooking club in the school BUT WHAT I FOUND WAS EVEN BETTER. after stumbling around aimlessly and accidently entering the same room 3 times thinking it was a new room, i started feeling the urge to pee, so i went and looked for a bathroom and that is where it was, some kind of toilet tentacle jumped out at me and grabbed my shoe before dragging it as it's snack (at least someone found something tasty to eat today) this event shocked me so much that i ran and hid under the stairs until i fell asleep from all of the running around i did

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Day: 4 well i woke up under the stairs determined that today would be the day AND after i found a map of the grounds in my exploring i saw it, the cafeteria as i made my way there i could hear voices nearby, there was a gathering inside of the school, it was too late before i noticed I HAD BEEN SPOTTED! i ran as 2 people came outside to investigate me i pressed myself against the wall as they walked up the path towards me getting closer and closer before they finally turned around and gave up. it was damn near THE SCARIEST THING IN MY LIFE!...

but i was not going to be defeated... I AM HARA... AND I WILL GET MY SANDWICH!

i listened carefully for the door closing as the 2 great hunters returned inside of the building and then i made my move, slowly sneaking along the wall to me as quiet as possible i slowly made my way over to the cafeteria over the course of 30 minutes, crawling through some of the roughest terrain through prickly bushes and mountainous rocks i finally made it, my journeys end.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooo. i cried as i got to the door...the cafeteria was closed i looked around for a way in, the locked door taunting me then i saw a sign showing the place was closed for construction...it seems the school roof was torn off by the monsoon winds and was under repairs.

that was it, i had come so far just to be defeated, i don't remember if it was tears or the rain but through the drops i seeked shelter under the nearby overhanging roof it was there where i found a checkers game board left by construction workers.

as i played myself at countless games (somehow losing to myself every time) i strategized i new way to get my hands on a big juicy sandwich. as i lay back from the longest most difficult and emotional day yet the sound of the raindrops became white noise and then silence as i drifted to sleep.

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Day: 5 the day was a long one, I woke up from my night of strategizing to find I had thought of nothing, but nearby I head the sounds of someone so I went to take a look, I pressed myself against a nearby wall and took a peak around the corner, and there she was a mysterious person doing mysterious stuff.

she didn't notice me so I stepped away and sat on a bench BUT THEN she came up and started talking to me, she told me her name was Anny and so I told her about my quest to find the best sandwich (though at this point I'd be happy to find ANY sandwich) and she spoke of her quest to win in a jet ski race, she also told me about a vending machine AND that it may have sandwiches.

so that's how this day starts we make our way to the roof of the school to find out that the fending machine only had drinks and no sandwiches to i decide to get one because while it was no sandwich it was better than nothing, it was then that i was invited to a practice session on the jet ski to help train, the first practice race she won easy but on the second go I managed to keep up a lot better.

after the jet ski practice we went to the pool where she showed me her skills on the obstacle course i of course had already done it before and got a nice score of around 4 minutes, but she was a true master and had a score of around 1:40 and se we trained, slowly i started getting scores below 3 minutes...then i get below 2 minutes then she gets 1:20 and i feel like i have a serious challenge on my hands then we go lower and lower, i say we could do below 1 minute and it wasn't long before we were AND then pretty soon we lowered the bar to 40 seconds...then 35...32...32.89 and then finally with one super lucky run i did what seemed impossible.


where once i had fought to get below 2 minutes I was now the ultimate champion at just below 27 seconds. after a while of trying to break this score we realised it was a one in a million shot and it was getting late so i decided before I would sleep i would take on one more challenge, with the new strength revealed to me through this advanced training...I WENT TO GET MY SHOE BACK, it was a hard fought fight and i probably lost it but, I finally got my shoe back and with that victory I went back to my pool noodle pile and fell asleep







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Day: 6 today was the big race day, i promised Anny that i would come watch her race so after i woke up i decided since i still had time i would try to beat my 26 second time on the obstacle course, i had a few close ones under 30 seconds and even 1 where i matched my 26 second best but none where i beat it.

eventually though Anny showed up and watched me run a few times on the course before we went down to the jet ski's for some extra training we did 2 runs first where Anny beat me again both times but THEN Nuzzia showed up, the great rival i had heard so much about THE ONE TO BEAT.

to this very moment i have no idea how but that was the one and only time i cam first in the race.

anyway after the first 3 practices more and more students and guests started showing up and it was decided that we would have one more practice run with all students and guests it was all chaotic at the start with some of the best racers including Anny getting launched from the course and missing a checkpoint, it was in all of the chaos that i manages to grab myself second place.

now that the practice was over it was time for the main event, it would be a 2 part race where the second part would be a huge surprise...the course would be done backwards on the second part, this was something so unexpected that nobody had trained for it, the racers all gathered together on the starting line, the spectators feeling the tension in the air.

THEN the starter pistol signalled the start of the first race they were off and around the corners struggling in this great battle, At one point one of the racers called muffin caused a huge pileup which surely shook up the race, but our training was for nothing because Nuzzia was more skilled than we could have anticipated and came in 1st with Anny coming in close second.

The racers once more lined up but this time backwards preparing themselves for a new challenge they were off again this time the race was smoother and everyone was more focused, somehow the turns feeling tighter than before, a familiar place feeling all wrong, but once again Nuzzia came first with Anny close behind and a surprising racer named Kami who never practiced at all was able to make it to 3rd place in both races(maybe with just a little more training anny could have won this second race and tied with Nuzzia for this event but it was not to be)

After the main event everyone lined up again including the guests so we could all do a rerun of the event while the scores were added up, it was then that we were told of the next event that would take place soon.

And with that i wandered back around the school feeling like i had forgotten to do something important today, like there was a certain something i was meant to look for but i forgot about with how bust the day had been, i decided time was getting along and so i waited for everyone to go home before i snuck in the nurse's office to sleep on a comfy bed.








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