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User name: Cleomistophilis.  I'll just go by Cleo, if that's easier.

Recently, I popped in a few times now, such a beautiful sim.  It's even more impressive that... this sim... is still under construction. 

I'm from Canada and understand a little bit from many languages, but sadly, still only fluent in english.  

I hope to see people here soon. 

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nice to meet you, it's definitely one of the best looking places in SL although it's pretty quiet unless events are on since it's mostly just people there working on building the place up if you want to meet up with some of us outside of kokoro we usually hang out at a place called "Fluffy Beach" it's owned by Nezu and Nuzzia and a parcel right next to it owned by Nise and Lily who are all students at kokoro

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