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When the NPCs try to kidnap you


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I'm laughing my ass off at this whole scenario. I was talking to another person at the school drop off area where the ropeway thingy is. Was just minding my own business chatting and then Koge Inaba a NPC bot I'm assuming comes up and says: 

[07:16] Koge Inaba (kokoronpc01kogeinaba) leaning on her broom "Ah, you're finished with your bath already? That was quick! ^_^"

So me being bored decides to interact with the NPC. Bad idea. Here's the whole chatlog between us.

[07:16] Lilly Yoko Martingale (lilliealice): "Huh?"
[07:17] Koge Inaba (kokoronpc01kogeinaba): Haha, don't worry about it! You looked like you could use some time to yourself.
[07:17] Lilly Yoko Martingale (lilliealice): ((well that was random then again I didn't see the NC until she spoke XD))
[07:17] Lilly Yoko Martingale (lilliealice): NPC*))
[07:18] Koge Inaba (kokoronpc01kogeinaba): Hehehe! Well, I just wanted to make sure you were alright! *smiling warmly*
[07:18] Lilly Yoko Martingale (lilliealice): ((Holy cow it's breaking the 4h wall! Run!! XDD))
[07:19]  ღ ომყυκõ ღ  (racheljelly): XD
[07:19] Koge Inaba (kokoronpc01kogeinaba): Haha, no need to be scared! I'm here to help! *smiles reassuringly*
[07:19] Koge Inaba (kokoronpc01kogeinaba) pauses her sweeping for a moment "Oh? Is there anything I can do to help you, Zenzo-kun?"
[07:20] Lilly Yoko Martingale (lilliealice): "Um.... N-No I'm okay.." He replied shyly.
[07:20] Koge Inaba (kokoronpc01kogeinaba): Awww~ Don't be shy, okay? If there's anything on your mind, you know I'm here to listen! *gives a reassuring smile*
[07:21] Lilly Yoko Martingale (lilliealice): "O-Okay.."
[07:21] Koge Inaba (kokoronpc01kogeinaba): Good! Now let's continue to chat then! How was your day today? Did anything interesting happen?
[07:22] Lilly Yoko Martingale (lilliealice): ".. I.. I just got here.. so.. not much has h-happened yet.. I don't think.."
[07:23] Koge Inaba (kokoronpc01kogeinaba): Ah, well in that case, maybe we could walk around Seiiki and explore together? It's such a beautiful town and I'd love to show you around! *offers her hand* Shall we go?
[07:23] Lilly Yoko Martingale (lilliealice): *blinks* "Uh...o-okay.."
[07:24] Koge Inaba (kokoronpc01kogeinaba): Wonderful! Let's get going then! *takes Zenzo's hand*

And then Captain Ai I guess seen what was happening and the interaction between them was funny.

[07:24] Ai (extrude.ragu): hoii
[07:24] Ai (extrude.ragu): who's Zenzo o3o

[07:24] Lilly Yoko Martingale (lilliealice): Hello
[07:24] Lilly Yoko Martingale (lilliealice): Me
[07:24] Lilly Yoko Martingale (lilliealice): My character's name
[07:24] Koge Inaba (kokoronpc01kogeinaba) nods in agreement with Captain Ai "Hello Zenzo! It's nice to meet you. I'm Koge Inaba, your friendly neighborhood shrine maiden!"
[07:25] Ai (extrude.ragu): oic
[07:26] Ai (extrude.ragu): Koge u can't take people places yet silly miko
[07:26] Koge Inaba (kokoronpc01kogeinaba) coughs nervously "E-Excuse me? T-Take people where?"
[07:26] Ai (extrude.ragu): anywhere o3o
[07:27] Koge Inaba (kokoronpc01kogeinaba) blushing slightly "W-Well, maybe one day I will be able to do that...but right now, my main duty is to tend to Seiiki Shrine and help all those who visit it!"
[07:28] Ai (extrude.ragu): yaa maybe
[07:28] Lilly Yoko Martingale (lilliealice): ((I feel like I was about to be kidnapped by a npc XDD))
[07:28] Koge Inaba (kokoronpc01kogeinaba) laughs "Oh, don't worry Zenzo-kun! My duty is to protect this town and its people, so no need for concern there! Besides, we should explore Seiiki together!" places hand on his shoulder reassuringly

After sometime of being quiet the NPC decided to make a run for it on the ropeway seeing as her kidnapping plot failed.

While this did happen I doubt that she was actually trying to kidnap me according to what I have read, NPCs can't even follow people yet let along lead them anywhere. XD Still found this whole thing hilarious. 

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