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Basic Modelling, Texturing and Scripting


Our level one creators course aims to give you foundational skills necessary to have fun creating!


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  2. Second Class - Stamps and Layered Materials Please make sure you have all the files above Please download and extract the following to your computer before class: Lesson Materials - Lesson 2 Walls.zip Please have the following Blender Addon installed before class:- BlenderGrabDoc_v1_3_2.zip See you there!
  3. Preparation for the first Class (~20 Minutes) To help make sure our class runs smoothly, please prepare for class by doing the following:- Prepare your computer for class:- Download and Unzip the following file https://mega.nz/file/pocS3DzY#OTOSxRB4YTlgr9YwT8mlG8e5pQ-O1bgyImOX4P_SxJs Contents:- Blender 2.91 Ravage 2 Ai's Tools Channel Packer Prepare yourself for class:- Familiarize yourself with view-port navigation Watch this video clip Practice navigating the 3D view inside Blender until you are comfortable Watch this clip to familiarize yourself with what UV maps are and how they work Questions? Contact me if you have any issues with the preparation steps above and I will help you solve them before class. See you in class!
  4. How to setup your screenshare 1. Go to https://screensy.marijn.it/ 2. Click anywhere on on your screen and select your desktop form the drop down menu (you can try to select the program itself but i never got it to work (works good with games thought) so i just share whole desktop) 3. copy the URL and paste it into the media prim on your desk and you are done. Firefox users, the screenshare is a bit buggy on firefox so open your task manager with ctrl + shift + esc and observe your CPU usage, if it is 90-100 than use a different browser for it, like the one that came with windows if you dont have another one. (i found that opera works best for me)
  5. Start and stop individual streams 1. Hover over media button (Might appear as pause button) 2. Click More >> From the menu that appears below 3. Select any stream and click Play or Stop

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