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Ambient Sounds





A new ambient sound system has been built into the School HUD!

Depending on where you are, and the time of the day you will hear different ambient sounds as you wander throughout our sim. Try having a wander!

It is hoped that with these ambient sounds, it will help provide a sense of atmosphere, and also enhance a sense of space as they drown out distant sounds that would otherwise be heard in a vacuum.

Comfortable Listening

We hope that most people will enjoy the new sounds throughout the sim, but recognize that with listening devices such as closed back headphones ambient sounds can create a pressure within the cup that can result in discomfort depending on the individual.

We have provided a set of commands that can be used to adjust the volume of ambience to a comfortable level for your listening, or mute if desired. Just type one of the following commands into the chat:

/1 amb.high

Set ambient volume to High

/1 amb.med

Set ambient volume to Medium

/1 amb.low

Set ambient volume to Low

/1 amb.off

Turn off ambient sounds

By default, Ambient sound volume is set to Medium. The HUD will remember your preference.

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