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  • extrude.ragu

    End of year address

    By extrude.ragu

    Looking back at 2021 2021 is drawing to a close and we're about to enter the year 2022! Some of you speedy time travelers are already there! We haven't been doing year reviews lately, but a lot has happened at Kokoro over the course of the past year, and I thought this year it would be worth covering some of those things! So many new students have joined us This year we have seen way more new faces than usual, many of which have went on to become enrolled students at our scho
  • extrude.ragu

    Introducing our New Male Gakurans!

    By extrude.ragu

    They're here! After much work, Kokoro Academy for the first time now has male uniforms available to its students! Our male Uniform has some subtle details of their own that we are sure students will enjoy~ Buttons 心 is Kanji for Kokoro Our Gakurans have golden buttons with a custom design by Ni. Did you know it is a custom during your graduation ceremony to give the second button of your Gakuran to your sweetheart? It is considered a confession of love!

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