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Club Guideline Ammendments




We are amending our club guidelines to make sure that clubs listed in our club directory are active and that students can expect to be able to participate in them.

Activity Reviews

Twice yearly, clubs will now be reviewed for activity with the intent of making sure that our Club Directory, even if smaller, contains mostly active clubs that our students can participate in.

The activity review will occur on the first Saturday of April and October. We will check the club calendar and ask the organiser to report on member activity also.

If a club does not meet minimum activity standards, it will no longer be listed as an official club in the directory.

Minimum Frequency

We will be updating our guidelines to state that, at a minimum, club organisers should arrange a meeting on campus at least once a month to be considered an active club.

Student Club Membership Limit

In general, club activities tend to be more involved. It is felt that it is better for a student to be in a few clubs and spend lots of time in each than to be in many and have little time for all of them. Therefore, we are limiting students to a maximum of 3 clubs each going forward.

Note: This does not apply retrospectively. Any student currently in more than 3 clubs is not affected but will not be able to join any more before they are below 3.



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