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    About Clubs

    Clubs are a place to meet and engage with like-minded students and engage in fun activities.

    • Clubs may be roleplay focused, or be out of character.
    • Every club has an organiser who manages activities and regular meet-ups.
    • Clubs also have a sponsor (usually, a teacher) to help supervise and check on things from time to time.

    Member Etiquette

    1. Always consult the organiser before inviting non-members to a club meeting.
    2. Let the club organiser know when you are unable to attend at first opportunity.
    3. Let the organiser know if you no longer wish to be a part of the club.

    Finding Clubs

    Find Clubs that have not yet started (Proposal Phase) in the Club Proposals Section.

    Find Clubs that are already running in the Club Directory.

    Joining Clubs

    Students at Kokoro Academy may join Clubs.

    • You may sign up to Clubs that are in the proposal phase by replying to it's thread in Club Proposals.
    • For clubs that are already running, contact the Club's Organiser.

    Start A Club

    1. Initiate a club proposal:
      1. Fill out the club Proposal Form and post it in the Proposals section
      2. Your proposal will be reviewed, you will be informed in case any changes are necessary.
      3. Once accepted, the club will enter a two week recruitment period. During this time, applicants must each reply to the proposal supplying their general availability in SLT.
        No further action is required during this period, although it is suggested to go look for club members and get them to sign up!
    2. Decide on meeting times and location
      1. You will be asked to decide on meeting times in SLT for your club, along with the location.
      2. A successful club proposal will have a minimum of 5 members (including the organiser) who are able to attend the club meetings. Clubs may have a maximum of 12 members (including the organiser)
      3. All recruited club members must have an availability that falls in the proposed meeting time for the club
    3. Opening your club
      1. A new Club will be created in the Club Directory for you.
        The Club area will include sections including Topics, Events and a Blog.
        1. The Topics Area is visible to Club Members only. You can use it for internal discussions relating to your club.
        2. You should schedule upcoming meetings in the Club's Events section.
          You should select your timezone when entering the event and enter the meeting time in your own time rather than SLT. Club Members will be able to see upcoming events from the Calendar or from the Club's Events section. The forum software will display the meeting time to members in their own timezone.
          To be safe, put the time in SLT in the event's description.
        3. The Blog Area is visible to public, you can use this to blog about Club activities etc.
      2. You may make posters for your club, they may be applied to hallway noticeboards and classroom noticeboards
        (You must use Kokoro's supplied mesh paper, prim posters will be returned!)
      3. Get ready for your first meet! Have fun!

    Proposal Form

    Club name

    Supply a club name that briefly summarizes what your club would be about







    What activities would members be taking part in, by joining the club?





    How frequently would club activities occur?




    Organiser's General Availability

    Describe your general week-by-week Monday to Sunday availability in SLT



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