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    Kokoro Academy is a Region in the virtual world SecondLife. We're not a real school, our staff are generally not qualified or acting in a professional capacity - It is all roleplay.

    Our sim is adult rated and although we do not make adult themes a focus of our sim, you may indeed encounter adult activities. You must be at least 18 years old to visit Kokoro Academy.

    ...With that said


    Kokoro Academy would not be much of an Academy without its students

    Our Aims and Commitments

    Kokoro aims to help its students make meaningful relationships and lead fulfilling lives.

    We work to provide Classes, Clubs and Events to our students, and a Roleplay environment with a cohesive theme full of activities and facilities that is fun to visit day in day out.

    We aim to be a students first environment, providing a community and a sense of belonging to our students. We want to grow with them and stick with them through thick and thin.

    Duties of a Student

    To be a student at Kokoro means to accept a duty of care both to yourself and those around you.

    As a student you are expected to practice self discipline to help you exercise better control of your day to day life and be in a position to help yourself and those around you.

    You have a duty to:-

    • Carry out regular exercise and maintain a healthy diet.
      A healthy body will lead to a healthy mind.
    • Participate in Clubs and Activities
      Our extra curricular activities are there to help you form meaningful relationships with your classmates, so you can build a support network and have friends for life.
    • Study and attend lessons
      Our lessons are there to give you confidence and new skills that you can take with you in your life, beyond your time at our school.

    How do I become a student?

    What to do


    Do not

    • Ask us to make you a student
      We do not have a formal application process. There are no forms for you to fill out, our administrators and staff do not have the ability to make you a student either - Don't ask them.

    The Process

    Becoming a Student at Kokoro Academy takes time. We operate a Student Council which discusses these matters periodically. You will be most likely to be considered if:-

    • During your visits to Kokoro, we feel you have made an effort to get to know our students, and let them get to know you and that you have made a positive impression on our students.
    • You have made a positive impression on your Captain.
    • Your avatar follows our Appearance Guidelines.

    During the first weeks of your visit, we will not discuss with you whether or not you can become a student, we consider this time for you to establish yourself, where we can get to know you, and you get to know us. After two or three weeks we will generally communicate with you about your relationship with Kokoro and provide feedback on whether or not you can enroll with us.

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