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  • Customs and Etiquette


    Use of our Campus

    Whilst it is common for our students to hang-out on our campus, and whilst we do often also let guests hang-out with us on campus (in a limited capacity), our campus should not be mistaken for a public hangout.

    Kokoro’s campus is primarily a place for learning, self-improvement and socialisation for students and exchange students.

    It is a relaxed environment with loose expectations – But not an environment with no expectations. We invite you to join us, but please come with the mindset of someone who wishes to have meaningful interactions with us and our school, and make good use of your time at Kokoro. You should also make sure you come dressed for campus too.

    Social Etiquette

    Socialisation at Kokoro should be thought of as a two-way thing. We ask guests to approach others not just to take company, but also to give company. We don’t expect our guests to be social butterflies, but we do expect them to try.

    Not all who are alone are lonely. People wander off on their own in the sim for many different reasons, it’s good practice to ask a person or group of people if it’s OK to join them before doing so to avoid intruding on situations where people do not wish to be disturbed.

    In real life, many people would feel uncomfortable if a stranger walked up to them and then stood in silence near them. At Kokoro it is no different – It’s good practice to at minimum introduce yourself briefly to anybody who might not know who you are if you intend to spend time around them. A little bit of time spent getting to know each other goes a long way towards everyone’s happiness.

    Peaceful Environment

    Kokoro does its best to maintain a peaceful environment for all guests to enjoy. Please help us maintain the peace by doing the following: -

    • Only play loud music or sounds if those near you appreciate it
      In general we are quieter people and like to listen to nature and also hear ourselves think. There are times we like to party and celebrate and do silly things, but Kokoro is overall not a party sim.
    • Use rez rights for small items only
      Although we appreciate our baseball field is large and flat, it’s not a sandbox. It is frowned upon to rez large distracting items such as buildings, vehicles etc.
      Please also note that our sim does not have auto-return, remember to clean up rezzed items before you leave the sim.
    • Please refrain from ‘shock’ content designed to invoke disgust or discomfort etc.
      We are aware that some users enjoy this kind of content, but not all do.
    • Avoid visual pollution and laggy content such as floating text, color changers, particles etc.

    Slower Pace of Life

    In general, you should come to Kokoro with the intent to stay for a while to meet and talk to people during the day, rather than because you want to talk to someone right this moment. You should expect that not everyone who is on sim may wish to socialise immediately.

    Beelining - The act of turning up at the sim and going as fast as you can directly to whoever is on the sim is frowned upon, please respect the pace of life in the sim. Breaking immersion for other guests by using things such as movement enhancers, flight, sit teleport etc will land you in trouble - Don't do it.

    The only form of fast travel that is acceptable at Kokoro is to request a teleport from the person you wish to join, as this gives the other person a choice and now you are someone who was invited rather than someone who intruded.



    Day-to-day, Roleplay at Kokoro is laid back. Whilst we do play out our roles i.e. students or teachers in different ways such as how we address each other, how we dress and the activities we do in the sim during the day, we do not maintain a strict out of character/in character boundary that might be found in other sims or games such as Dungeons and Dragons.


    It is OK to talk about politics from time to time at Kokoro, so long as the people around are enjoying it. Keep in mind that Kokoro has people with a wide range of political beliefs, backgrounds, countries and outlook on the world and you must be prepared to accept that not everyone will see eye to eye with you.

    Whilst we allow some political discourse, Kokoro is not an appropriate place to set up a soap box as it breaks immersion in our sim - Political symbology on avatars or rezzed items etc is also frowned upon for the same reason - Please do not do it.

    Adult Content

    Kokoro is an adult rated sim and you and your character must be 18+ to participate. With that said we do not have a focus on adult content, please do not turn up to our sim in full BDSM gear or naked - It's not that kind of place.


    We hope the information provided here gives you an idea of what to expect and what is expected at Kokoro. Of course if you have any questions please feel free to ask me Ai (extrude.ragu) in-world and I will do my best to answer them for you!

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