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    How we use RLVa

    So that guests can enjoy privacy within our sim, we limit the distance users can cam in our sim using RLVa.

    We also have an optional RLVa feature to adjust your Windlight automatically to that of the sims.

    To turn RLVa Windlight features on and off respectively, type one of the following commands into the chat.

    Windlight On

    /50 won

    Windlight Off

    /50 woff

    Things to know about RLVa

    RLVa allows scripted objects to interact with your viewer directly and change your experience of the world in many ways.

    Can any object control my viewer using RLVa?

    No. Only worn attachments can interact with your viewer using RLVa.

    Wearing an item that acts as an RLV Relay such as a collar can allow external objects to interact with your viewer.

    Kokoro Academy's HUD does not provide RLV Relay functionality. You do not need a relay to participate at Kokoro.

    How to Enable RLVa

    You will need an RLVa compatible third party viewer. We recommend Firestorm.

    To enable RLVa in Firestorm, go to Avatar > Preferences > Firestorm and check Allow Remote Scripted Viewer Controls (RLVa). Restart your viewer when prompted.

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