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  • Accomodation (DRAFT)


    The following article is a draft and details are not final!

    Students and Staff members are eligible to accommodation options in Seiiki.

    Why make Kokoro your Home?

    Living at Kokoro provides many benefits over living elsewhere. Here are some highlights:


    You’ll have great privacy in your home thanks to it being in a skybox and the camera distance limit. Your space is yours - We offer custom made security systems that make sure the only people in your space are the ones you invited in yourself.


    Not only is your apartment custom built for the sim, but you’ll be living in a managed and themed town where nearly everything has been designed and made just for the sim. There really are no other places like Kokoro.

    Social Life

    You’ll have easy access to community space, shopping, parks and social places such as bars and restaurants where it is easy to meet like-minded people with similar interests. With Kokoro on your doorstep, it’s always easy to go and see friends, hang out at the town or in your school.


    We offer an array of accommodation options with different rental tiers and offer discounts on rent for participating in clubs, classes and activities within the sim. We have accommodation for those who want to spend a little more and get extra, and we also have ways to get accommodation for those who are more budget conscious and it is even possible to get a space for free with participation in the sim.

    All of our accommodation comes with basic facilities, but we are able to also offer free Pre-Furnishment from our furniture catalogue.

    Accommodation Options

    We offer two types of accommodation - Apartments and Halls


    Our apartments offer maximum independence with their own kitchens, bathrooms and living space.



    Halls are a more social form of living. You get your own private dormitory room, but share the building with other residents, having shared facilities such as kitchen, bathrooms, washing and drying etc. We offer dorms for single and dual occupants.



    Our base tier is the tier before any discounts are applied.

    Current tier pricing:


    Bedrooms / Max Occupants

    Base Tier

    Luxury Apartment

    1 / 2

    200L$ /w

    Standard Apartment

    1 / 2

    150L$ /w

    Halls – Large Room
    Suitable for up to two occupants

    1 / 2

    100L$ /w

    Halls – Small Room

    1 / 1

    50L$ /w

    Tier is not charged per-occupant, it costs the same to have one person as it does to have two – You might find it more economic to choose to move in with a fellow student!

    We reserve the right to adjust our tier and discounts a maximum of once every 12 months for existing renters.


    We currently offer two types of discounts to help make our accommodation more accessible.

    Activity Discounts

    We offer a 50L$/w discount per (active) class/club or town activity each occupant participates in

    Organiser Discounts

    We offer a 100L$/w discount per (active) class/club or town activity each occupant organises/runs.

    Discounts are added up and subtracted from the base tier. For example, a Luxury Apartment (200L$/w) would cost 50L$ per week if you studied in one class (-50L$) and were a member of two clubs (-100L$). It’s possible to get accommodation for free if the occupants have enough discounts.

    Other Discount Details

    Activity - Discounts only apply to active clubs/classes etc that are regularly meeting up and the occupant is a regular participant in. If we feel this is not the case, we may choose not offer these discounts – That is at our discretion.

    Discount Eligibility - We check which discounts our occupants are no longer eligible for once every 6 months – Once in January and June. If the occupant has since lost discounts and the tier will go up, we will give 14 days’ notice after which the tier will be adjusted.

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