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  1. I am interested, but I suspect that my own availability might disqualify me from playing a role, given that I am in JST. I can make myself available with some reliability between the hours of 6am-10amSLT Monday through Friday though I have a lot of flexibility on what in SLT is Saturday. Sunday in SLT is a bit variable, but I am usually available for most of the day. Saturday and Sunday I tend to be available after 9pm SLT with a fair degree of certainty, though often earlier, minus commitments to Dance Club.
  2. Given that actual RP has not begun and school clubs are the only active avenues of participation in official Kokoro Academy activities, and are more likely to increase enthusiasm to be on sim, does it not seem a bit overkill to RP a school deadline like a time limit? It feels like a rule that exists for the sake of having a rule at this stage. Having a minimum number of members makes sense, but a time limit on gathering them I cannot help but find the reasoning elusive for. OR does it just automatically get restarted? when can proposals for clubs be submitted again? Given the lockdown, would it not be more fair to grant an extension at the very least? If we are RPing some school rules, then wouldn't a student counsel meet to give a verdict on the issue? How does one get on the student counsel and who are the official members... I just cannot help but feel like this time limit is arbitrary. If this is not a rule for the purposes of trying to RP school rules, then I really have no idea why it exists. If this proposed club is not going to go through, I think any student wishing to form a club in the future would like to understand what is needed in order to prepare better at the very least.
  3. I am interested. I am on Japan Standard Time (UTC+9:00). In general, I am available from around 6:30 am in SLT to about 10:00 am SLT on weekdays, except for what in SLT is Friday. On weekends, I am available after the dance club rehearsal probably. Before in theory might be possible. What in SLT is Sunday is a much more variable day and I shall likely often be unavailable.
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