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  1. koeshy


    hi hi! nice to meet you, nice pic and welcome ^^
  2. koeshy

    It's ya boi

    Nice to meet you and welcome!!!
  3. Yes Niha! the power of bunnies!!! Thank you! and thats a good idea, I love it ❤️
  4. Hi hi! My Name is Koeshy. I'm a little bunny. I would like to make a lot of friends, actually im learning english, if I make a mistake, please be free to correct me. About me: ❤ Im from Venezuela but i live in Colombia. ❤ My firts lenguage is spanish. ❤ I like all kawaii stuff. ❤ I like the anime. ❤ I like sweet food, desserts, cake, and the chocolate. ❤ In SL I like to collect animations, hairs and dances. Thanks for reading and nice to meet you ^^
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