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  1. Kokoro Academy can gather international students from all over the world. Therefore, I assume that for the admission of people as students, it is necessary to conduct an exam that will determine their degree of awareness of the rules. In other words, the rule of entry into the academy should be knowledge of the rules of behavior. What a dress code, what the academy is dedicated to, and so on. As a final question, you can put the following: what would you like to get from being in Kokoro Academy? If players know the rules, then they will not break them. As for the meaning - knowledge can be introduced into the academy (teaching texturing, modeling).
  2. This location makes me very happy. I like to watch the process of rp. In the past, I watched school anime rp in a different location. There were too many strict rules because of which people stopped playing. On the strictness of the rules of the location: I was sitting with a friend on the playground when no one was engaged in RP game. A moderator approached me and began to insult me, when I said that he behaves inappropriately, they began to threaten me with a ban. Those insults were not claims against rp. In other words, the moderator just wanted to recoup on someone. I found this academy randomly. And to be honest - Kokoro is one of the best places among school RPs. The location is well designed, the sky settings are some of the best. Very atmospheric and painstaking work. I do not speak English very well, so at times I use a translator. I hope that the translation is provided correctly. I like compiling profiles for a specific character, so there is hope to penetrate into the atmosphere of the RP. I don’t know how exactly it will be in time (since sometimes I work part-time in the real world). If I understand correctly, then my time zone today is GMT+3 (Ukraine).
  3. Maybe you will like it 😄 2 land impact convex hull/prim with alpha masking 12 land impact with alpha blending.
  4. Not so useful information: I like to experiment with snapshots. Like work with Black Dragon or 360 viewer.
  5. Ladies and gentlemen, hello everyone! In fact, I am very lazy, most of the time an introvert. Sometimes I become sociable (from low to high degree). Sometimes I’m not in place, or I don’t read the general chat if I’m watching a series or a movie in parallel. No, I'm not a bot. To be honest - I don't remember how I found this academy. But from time to time I visit this place. For communication, I sometimes use a translator. Sometimes I can write without a translator, but it is far from always clear. You can call me Kenny (not a Kennie or something like it). 🐌 I'm not so old and not so young in real life. Education: graphic designer. Facts about me: Lazy Silent a lot of my time My character is adult AFK (this is a reason why i don't say "hi") If you noticed my avatar on other location (sandbox) it's mean i'm busy and at the "Do not disturb" mode. It's a creation time! I don’t need to get attached. In other words, you do not need to count on a serious or any other love relationship with me. We can become friends. I'm from Ukraine (we are not part of any other country). However, I don't make skins or 3D models at the request of a friend (i'm useless for your own purposes). Lucid dreaming Movies and serials. Skills: Digital art (i don't do art-trades, gifts and anything else, i do it for fun). 3D static models (almost anything) with textures. Therefore, if you notice me at Kokoro location, if you wish, you can say "hi". But if I do not answer, you should not be offended. Perhaps I eat, sleep, work with something, or watch movies with TV shows.
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