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yo, I'm MelancholyBlight. you can call me Blight. I'm an artist and a roleplayer. I'm 22 years old(23 on 5/1) and I have a number of hobbies. most of them involve art in some way.

I look forward to joining the rp sim here since school roleplays are some of my favorites. being able to play a good student when in the face of a teacher or parent, but behind the scenes getting into all sorts of trouble. finding ways to dodge punishment has always been a fun way to play. I do love a good scandal. though I HATE metagaming or unrealistic consequences or reactions. if you're going to play with me, give me a reaction someone in the real world would. think about it.

those realistic responses make the world of roleplay feel deeper and more immersive. and that's my kind of fun.

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