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Hello everyone, nice to meet you. My username is clementine but I usually go by Bunny instead. I've briefly been to Kokoro Academy before a few times just to look around but recently have developed an interest in trying to take part more and actually join in. I hope I can make a lot of good friends with similar interests to my own who will be kind and accepting.

I'm an illustrator but am currently studying to become an actual teacher because illustration has unfortunately not been very profitable for me and people value my ability to speak English far more than my ability to draw. I also like to play videogames and watch movies or read manga and novels. I have an interest in languages, travel, food and am a socialite who loves meeting new people.





Below are a few of my drawings. このポーストの下へ自分で書いたを絵描きを付けました

Art example.png

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