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  1. I boomered it and forgot to click Apply. Now the sim is open
  2. The sim has re-opened its doors to new guests. We are trialing a new ticket system aimed at ensuring we grow at a sustainable rate in the future. Remember to grab a ticket from the ticket machine! See you!
  3. extrude.ragu


    Ropeway Connecting Seiiki and Kokoro Academy, the Ropeway is the sole means of transport between the two islands. Tickets A ticket is required by guests wishing to access the campus grounds. To obtain a ticket, simply click the ticket machine in Seiiki station. You can then use your ticket to pass through the ticket gates. You do not require a ticket to leave Kokoro Academy. Ticket Types Depending on your relationship with Kokoro Academy, the ticket machine will issue you a different type of ticket:- Guest Ticket You are visiting Kokoro Academy as a Guest. Please be considerate of Curricular activities that may be occurring at the school. Student Ticket You are issued this ticket if you are a student. Students have no visit limits. Special Ticket You are issued this ticket if you have been granted special access to the school. EG A teacher or other special guest. Guest Tickets - Visit Limits Being a Private Academy, Kokoro only allows extended stays to those who are students or staff. We want new guests to visit us and say hello but only those who are a part of the Academy will be granted a longer stay. Our ticket system limits guest visits to 7 per month per guest. This is a rolling 30 day period from the time the first ticket was issued to you in the last 30 days. Your ticket will remain valid for 24 hours. During the first 12 hours of your stay, you may freely pass back and forth between the town and the academy - The ticket machine will simply give you a copy of your ticket and this will not count towards your visit limit. After 12 hours clicking the ticket machine will issue a new ticket and this will count towards your visit limit. Generally, if we feel that a guest is making an effort to integrate with us and shows good compatibility with our community we will issue more tickets. This is not to be taken for granted however. We aim to grow our community at a sustainable rate and depending on how busy Kokoro is we may choose to focus on existing guests rather than bringing new ones in for longer.
  4. Just clicked your cover photo lol

  5. Spishuuu



  6. If you'd like to sign up, please reply with your availability in SLT / timezone so we can plan when the events will run
  7. Added a new Knowledgebase section to the site. No articles yet, but we have the facility!

  8. Guerrilla Decoration Force! Activities We go into unsuspecting areas of the school... and decorate the hell out of them! We primarily make temporary builds for seasonal events and other occasions. We will have a budget and primarily use items from the marketplace though member asset contributions are welcome. We get in, decorate and get out fast! Frequency Once a month, possibly more Organiser's General Availability Monday to Friday 11am SLT to 5pm SLT Weekends 1am SLT to 5pm SLT
  9. It's the weekend! Time to work on Uniforms

    Viewer can't log into Beta Grid

    OK... Maybe not Uniforms after all.. Plan B! Lets buy the pages addon for the site so I can work on a Knowledgebase!

    Your payment was accepted, but a member of staff needs to approve this purchase


    The day is off to a productive start.. Maybe I can work on the ticket system


  10. Fixed back buttons on mobile





  11. Just to note that this club has met it's 9 member limit and is no longer recruiting members. See everyone at the next club meet!
  12. 2-B is a room that now exists

  13. image.png.7da221ece881d3564b0a6c2571085490.png

    Our forum now stores Display Names and Account UUID's. The change should help better identify each other.

    • The UUID is displayed in small print on your profile page in the SecondLife section.
    • The Display Name is the Display Name you had when you last visited Kokoro. The field will not be present if you have not yet visited Kokoro since this change.

    The username only was proving problematic because LL allows you to pay to change your username now. It also had the potential to open up to account fraud on the forum. Your username on the forum will be automatically updated if you change it in-world now.

    In the future we may switch to using your SecondLife Display Name as the primary log in method. But that comes with problems. Yes, I'm looking at you ෆෆ Sɴᴏᴡғʟᴀᴋᴇs ෆෆ.  Also there is the issue of the fact that Display names are not unique on SL.




  14. Welcome to the forum Ze~ @zomaghamYou should share something interesting about yourself!
  15. Welcome to the forum~ @cereil Share something interesting about yourself!
  16. This will probably generate 6 notifications on the new system because I have six followers~

    Hello everyone ♥️

  17. 🔔 Notifications from the forum are now sent as Instant Messages as they arrive Note this does not include Private Messages - This is a separate system on the forum. We'll add something similar for private messages in the future.
  18. Use status updates to let people know what's going on or just share funny pictures~ From your profile page, click Edit Profile Select Enable Status Updates and Save You can now submit status updates to your profile! You can also follow other members to see their status updates. Just click Follow member Tip: If they have enabled status updates, you can also post on their feed, and reply to their status updates!
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