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No Peeking!




Kokoro's Experience is changing to limit the distance that visitors can cam through the sim.

Whether you're working together on a super-secret group project, or doing things that would land you in the Headmasters office, this update benefits you.

The new updates aim to turn Kokoro from one small room that everyone can see everywhere in, to a big place with many private rooms that can only be seen and entered on foot!


security watching GIF

No more!

How does it work?

Users with RLV get the best experience, the camera is simply constrained to the maximum distance using RLV.

For non-RLV users, we simply block the view with the HUD when camming too far. You will be prompted to reset your camera by pressing ESC.

Keeping up with Growth

Kokoro's Community is growing and as we grow there are more people on the sim. We hope that this change will allow those who enjoy some privacy once in a while to still enjoy Kokoro and find a peaceful hiding spot on the sim when things get busy. The change will also likely become more relevant should we build student accommodation in the future.

The feature is not quite finished yet. Currently our Experience is not required to enter the sim, but we intend to change that soon.



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