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A Reminder




We are currently students only

Kokoro Academy is a privately owned sim in Secondlife. Although we generally endeavor to let new guests visit us, this is not to be taken for granted. We are not a public service.

We do not owe anybody access to our sim, or even an explanation as to why we are operating the sim the way we do.  Any such act should be considered an act of good will.

Last Saturday I took the executive decision to restrict access to the sim to students only. I will not divulge the reasons why, they are personal between me and some of the people at Kokoro.

Conduct at Kokoro

It came to my attention that some of those who were unable to access the sim as a result may have taken it upon themselves to give my friends a hard time. This is not acceptable behavior. I will not name and shame publicly and ask everyone to do the same, but know that those people will be dealt with accordingly.

Many of our students are very welcoming and love to make everybody feel welcome. But know that we are still a well-kept tight knit community. When it is felt that their kindness is being used I can and often will step in. Visitors should expect that they are less likely to retain access to Kokoro if they are taking advantage of the kindness of those in our community.

Kokoro is remaining students only until further notice. This may change in the future but no commitment is given. Some of our students are not currently in the student group. If you are one of those people chances are I will reach out to you soon.

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