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  1. 🦇Halloween Dance🦇 _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Put on your spookiest costume and fanciest dance shoes and come to the Kokoro Academy Halloween dance! The dance club will be performing on stage at the gym, there will be photo opportunities, snacks, and drinks. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date and Time: October 31st at 2PM SLT Be there or beware muhaha
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    Ahoy, I'm Pururin. I used to go to Kokoro years ago, but now I'm back 😊. I've had a lot of fun so far, I hope that I can become friends with everyone.
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    Dance Club

    ⭐Dance Club ⭐ Have you always dreamed of becoming an idol? Well now you can in the Kokoro Academy Dance Club! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In the Kokoro Academy Dance Club we perform dances on stage for the entire student body. There will be weekly rehearsal that takes place in the gym. You'll also get to take part in decorating the stage and coming up with matching outfits to fit the theme! We plan to host future events during school festivals as well. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Spending your time in the Kokoro Academy Dance Club will help give you opportunities to become a big name idol once you graduate! Don't miss your chance to practice while you can! Weekly rehearsal times are scheduled to change once we gather enough members and can settle on a time that's convenient for everyone. Current Members: Nezu Kama Pururin Mizuki Nuzzia If you have interest in joining the Kokoro Academy Dance club please send a message to either me, Kama, or Nezu!
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