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H...hello... Duckie is very nervous making their first post, but will do the best she can!
Visting the Academy several times now, Duckie has enjoyed each and every time!
Duckies favorite spot is the Gazebo between the tennis court, and the baseball field. (Especially at night!)
Something maybe not too terribly interesting about Duckie is enjoying drawing and gaming...
Uhm... S-sadly often tends to spend a lot of time playing games or drawing, and loses track of time...
Duckies taste in almost everything is universal in the food and entertainment industries!
Really , really like frog 🐸 and banana... 🍌 Th-thank you for reading!! >.<;

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3 hours ago, extrude.ragu said:

Hello Duckie, welcome to Kokoro

Look forward to meeting you in-world

Yay! Duckie has seen Captain floating around but assumes She's typically busy if not in public area~

Duckie will put more effort fourth coming to try to approach more! 🍌


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