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Halloween Tarot Card Hunt


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Hoi Hoi, Fritter here with an Unofficial Event. I have made a set of Tarot Cards (With great help from Cereil.) that I will be hiding in Kokoro. There will be 1 card in the following locations. The Gym, The Library, The pool, The 1st floor of  the main building, the 2nd floor of the main building, and the 3rd floor & roof of the main building. (The Classrooms are considered parts of their floors. However I will not hide the cards in rooms that would be barred from entry such as bathrooms or changing rooms.

Nothing wrong with hunting together however in order to claim the fabulous prize for this hunt you will need to submit a note card named "Name_Tarot". In this card you will need to write down where you found which card. It does not need to be exact its just to keep thing organized. Once you trade the note card in there will  be a prize that has been made by the Fabulous Cereil!

The cards should be visible while in first person however since its hard to take in account various sizes ill try and make sure its not hidden behind things. My goal with this is to provide new or old students a reason to do a little bit of exploring.

Should you desire a copy of the cards please let me know id be glad to share them. If you have any questions as well please do let me know.


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Hello Hello! The tarot hunt is now active!

Please remember to make a note card named "Name_Tarot" where name is your name and mark down where you found the 6 cards in the note card. Once it is traded in I will give you your reward made by the one and only Cereil!


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Included is a photo of the reward for this event.  This item will be given out in limited quantities during this event only and is Modify/No Copy/Transfer with a total of 3Li at it's current size. ( You may transfer the item as you like, but no further copies/replacements will be given out. )

I've designed the statue so the following areas are a base white color, making them easy to recolored ( Edit, select face. ) to the owners liking.

They include;
Body ( Main )
Chest + Tailtip ( Both will be the same color. )
Inside ears
Nose tip

(Note: The Scarf and mask can be recolored as well, but is unlikely to look very well recolored as neither of these items are a base white color. )

Hope everyone enjoys Ze's event~


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